Best Pizza in Resorts World Genting at Bubbles & Bites

Before I start talking about the pizzas (which were A-MA-ZING), let me first put you in awe by showing you pictures of the restaurant.


The design can't be described as plain contemporary. With the blue-purple theme altogether, I felt like I was in a spaceship traveling to the future. It's just so sleek!

I was greeted and seated shortly after I arrived by this super nice Indian server named Nazira. Nazira placed the menu on my table; I scanned through the pizza section and decided upon two of it - the Vegetarian Pizza and Pesto di Basillico (recommended by Nazira). I also ordered water just because I saw how pretty the glass bottles were on the other tables.

Details DO matter!



I walked around and took more pictures of the restaurant while waiting for my food.



Besides pizzas, B&B also has really great pastas (I personally tried the Mac 'N' Cheese and Pesto with Greens), burgers, salads and desserts (according to users on Trip Advisor).

About 20 minutes later, BOTH my pizzas were ready! I was actually impressed because they took less time than I expected, considering the number of customers and the number of pizzas I ordered. They must be thinking why on earth does this girl order two pizzas for herself??? 


Pesto di Basillico

Vegetarian Pizza


They look so gorgeous! 

The Pesto di Basillico is a tomato-based pizza with prawns, almond flakes and pesto sauce. THE PRAWNS WERE SO FRESH. The sweetness of it complimented so well with the savory cheese; the drizzle of pesto sauce also added extra flavors to the pizza which made it taste so much better as a whole.

As for the Vegetarian Pizza, you might think that vegetarian pizzas are usually more bland. But NOPE, the tomato-based vegetarian pizza at B&B will prove you wrong. In addition to its great nutritional value, the grilled zucchini and pepper slices added a tad crunch to the pizza's texture, which made the eating experience very satisfying.

Quality Assurance
I finished almost half of each pizza (1 whole pizza in total) by myself and asked for takeaway boxes. Nazira came to explain to me that B&B does not actually allow any takeaways in order to make sure that the food gets eaten at its best quality. However, after seeing me struggle trying to finish up the food, Nazira gave me a couple paper bags to pack the food up, and she DID clarify that B&B will not be responsible for the quality of my pizzas 4 hours after it was made.

Meanwhile, the dessert counter....


Assorted cakes and pies

Sigh... It was such a pity that my appetite couldn't be any bigger. People always say "there is always room for dessert" or "there is always a second stomach for dessert", but unfortunately it wasn't the case for me that time.

I sadly waved goodbye to the cakes and promised that I will be back sooner than they know it.

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