Here in Resorts World Genting, there is one thing that you can never find elsewhere and that is the home-grown frozen confection brand, ITALGELato!

What is Gelato actually? Well, Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. It is a traditional Italian frozen confection that originated from Sicily, Italy and has been in existence since ancient Roman times in the 16th century.

In short, Gelato is a cousin of ice cream but of course, there are differences that made this iconic Italian dessert so special. Here are the differences:

The texture of Gelato is much denser, smoother and silkier, leaving an “elastic feel” on the tongue. On the other hand, an ice cream tastes richer and creamier.

Fat content
Gelato uses more milk than cream, hence it has less fat content. According to Food Network, ice cream has 14-25 percent of fats while Gelato has only 4-9 percent.

Gelato is churned at a much slower speed compared to ice cream, which causes less air getting into the base. Because of that, the texture is much denser. A normal ice cream may contain up to 50 percent of air which makes it soft and fluffy.

Both Gelato and ice cream contain cream, milk and sugar. However, an authentic Gelato does not use egg yolks as compared to ice cream. As mentioned, Gelato uses more milk than cream, too. Gelato is usually flavored with natural ingredients and coated with other ingredients such as pistachios, chocolate chips and nuts.

Serving temperature
If you have tried a Gelato, you must have also probably wondered why Gelato is softer as compared to ice cream. The secret lies behind the storage temperature. Gelato is served 15 degrees warmer than ice cream. An ice-cream would melt if served at this temperature.


• Freshly made at stalls
• All ingredients are imported from Italy
• Does not contain artificial colourings and preservatives
• Low in fat
• Comes with a wide variety of mouth-watering flavors
• Much intense flavor

Golf ball sized ice cream 
Golf ball sized Mini Ice Cream that comes in various flavours.

Minou ice cream
Minou Ice Creams not just easy to be handled and eaten but they also taste really good.

Arancia cheese cake
Other unique flavors include Arancia Cheese Cake, Tiramisu, Red Velvet, Black Forest and Rocher. These are flavors inspired by well known cakes

Various types of Gelato
Besides Gelato, the sorbets are worth a try too. Sorbets are frozen desserts made from fruit purée and contain no milk. One of the recommended flavors is the refreshing Tropical Sorbetto Mango

Stick ice creams
These beautiful stick ice creams come in various shapes such as heart shape, and chocolate bars are sold at only RM 9.50

12 pieces mini ice cream
ITALGELato also comes in mini waffle cones for those who want something crunchy to munch. For a plate of 8 pieces of mini-cones is priced at RM20.00 and for 12 pieces at RM26.00

• Lobby Floor, First World Hotel
• Level 2, First World Plaza
• Horizon 50

Operating hours
10am – 10pm daily

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