Tradition meets modernism as Resorts World Genting presents its array of delectable and surprising dumplings


There are as many takes on the origins of the traditional Chinese dumpling (zhang or bak chang), as there are variants. And yet, Resorts World Genting surpasses itself this Dumpling Festival by offering not only traditional varieties of dumplings, but also one surprising new creation.


Dumplings all gathered for a mini-photoshoot.

From 8 to 30 May 2017, three Resorts World Genting restaurants will be the focus of guests looking to purchase and enjoy rib-sticking, generously-filled glutinous rice dumplings.

Available venues offering dumplings treats from 12noon to 8pm daily:-

  • Genting Palace (Level 2 of Genting Grand Hotel)
  • Good Friends Restaurant (Level 1 of Maxims Hotel)                                                                              
  • Malaysian Food Street (Level 3 of SkyAvenue Mall)

There are six variants of dumplings available. The tried-and-true styles are Nyonya dumpling (RM10.00 nett), Black-eyed bean dumplings (RM19.00 nett), Tian Bak (RM19.00 nett), plain crystal dumpling (RM5.00 nett) and crystal dumpling with red bean (RM6.00 nett). This year, however, Resorts World Genting will also be offering imaginative new takes on an old favourite, by introducing spicy garlic (RM19.00 nett) dumplings.


Assorted dumplings ready to be feasted.

Being firm proponents of keeping food traditions alive so that authentic preparation methods can be passed on, Resorts World Genting engaged guest chefs who were tasked to prepare the various dumplings. The cooks, led by Madam Rebecca Chong Jun Ley and her 22-year-old daughter, Michelle Tok, brought decades of dumpling-making experience to the kitchens in the highlands.

Chong began making dumplings at the age of 30, and garnered a large following from foodies who described her dumplings as ‘generous, authentic and well-balanced in flavour and texture’. Now in her fifties, Chong passed on the art of delectable dumpling making to her daughter, who began making dumplings at the age of ten.


Clockwise from top left : Nyonya dumpling, Tian Bak dumpling, Crystal dumpling (red bean paste) and the all-new Spicy Garlic dumpling.

Chong’s team makes only one or two dumpling variants a day, to ensure consistent taste and quality. In keeping with Resorts World Genting’s reputation as a place for authentic food made with the best ingredients, the cooks only use premium glutinous rice for their dumplings. Pork-belly meat, dried chestnuts, dried mushrooms and salted eggs are all of the same high quality, in order to create a superlative dumpling.

The daily dumpling production utilises between 50 to 70 kg of glutinous rice. This amount of glutinous rice can make between 800 to 1120 spicy garlic, black-eyed bean and Tian Bak dumplings. The same amount of glutinous rice can yield 1100 to 1540 pieces of Nyonya dumplings, or 1000 to 1600 pieces of crystal dumplings.


Some of the ingredients to make a sumptuous dumpling delight.

All ingredients are soaked overnight before work begins in the morning, with each dumpling needing approximately 3.5 hours to create, from start to finish. The popularity of these traditional parcels of meat and rice is so high that they are made in two versions. The ready-to-eat ones can be consumed piping hot from the steamer, while those wanting to put away some to be eaten out of the Dumpling Festival season can opt for the frozen dumplings which can last for two weeks to a month depending on the storage method.

This round Madam Chong got the unique inspiration for making the spicy garlic dumpling by adding in the spiciness of bird eye chilly and garlic to even bring out the flavour of dumplings. Chong said, “This dumpling is set to tickle your taste bud as diced fried garlic are mixed together into the glutinous rice before combining and wrapping it with premium ingredients like pork bellies, dried mushrooms, dried chestnuts, dried oysters along cloves of garlic as well as salted egg yolk.  This is a must try.”

When asked which was the most difficult dumpling to make, Chong said that they each had their own challenges. “The most time-consuming is the Nyonya one as the dried winter melon, fresh mushrooms, peanuts and dried mushrooms need to be diced. Lemongrass, galangal and ginger are also components of this dumpling, and they need to be shredded finely. While many people think that crystal dumplings are easy to make because they require either no ingredients, or, in the case of the red bean variety, only one ingredient, the challenge for this dumpling is the way it is tied. Crystal dumplings will not cook thoroughly if tied too tightly, but they are difficult to wrap simply because there are no ingredients inside to bind the glutinous rice together.”


Madam Rebecca Chong and daughter, Michelle Tok.

For all the work that goes into each dumpling, it is only right that diners savour this once-a-year experience. Factor in the limited edition new variants, and chances are, a visit to Malaysia’s favourite highlands will be on the cards sooner rather than later.

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