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The popular international brands among ice cream and yoghurt lovers are now at Level 1, SkyAvenue


If you are a lover of sweets and desserts, then SkyAvenue mall is the heavenly destination you should make a beeline for. One big reason: the internationally renowned brands, llao llao and Inside Scoop have set up shop here at the mall, and while the former is recognised as among the world's best frozen yoghurt brands, the latter boasts ice cream recipes that are second to none.


How do the two brands compare? Inside Scoop's claim to fame is artisanal ice cream that is handmade, and is without preservatives or artificial flavourings. The American ice cream brand takes pride in its recipes. The ice cream is a mixture of milk and cream, and is made using a commercial hand blender. The brand's fruit sorbets, on the other hand, leave out dairy products, providing an equally healthy alternative to those with a sweet tooth.

At SkyAvenue, Inside Scoop has perfected a way of making ice cream by using local ingredients. New flavours can be enjoyed—from durian to cempedak to cendol to bandung. It doesn't get any better than this!


A pioneer in selling frozen yoghurt in Spain, llao llao has long since become renowned in many countries for its natural goodness. One of the healthiest food products in the world, its high nutritional value lies in the ingredients used; it's made from skimmed milk and is served with delicious and equally healthy toppings. Think of freshly-chopped seasonal fruits or cereal, fun crunchy toppings and delicious sauces.

So, whether it is ice cream or yoghurt that is your cup of tea, head to Level 1 of SkyAvenue … where the finest examples of both can be found!

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