Ramadhan Delights at Awana Hotel


Rajawali Coffee House at Awana Hotel has long been renowned for its sumptuous buffet spread, offering great variety and affordability — and for the coming Ramadan season, this reality very much holds true.

The Ramadan buffet promotion at the coffee house, valid from 27 May to 24 June 2017, features not only traditional Malay fare but also dishes like Australian Roast Lamb and Ipoh Curry Mee. Popular traditional dishes like Ayam Percik and Ikan Bakar are offered, mixing comfortably with everyday favourites like Mushroom Soup and Char Kuay Teow. Variety is indeed the spice of life at Rajawali—and to be able to enjoy it amidst scenic views and refreshing mountain air makes the experience even more worthwhile.

Affordability is another plus point at the coffee house: the buffet dinner, from 6pm to 9.30pm, is priced at RM100 nett for adults, and RM50 nett for children below 12 and senior citizens above 60 years of age. There is also the Early Bird promotion where an adult only pays RM80 nett per person.


Dawn-to-dusk fasting means food plays a big role during the holy month of Ramadan; the body needs much nourishing after the long hours of abstinence from food. The fast-breaking meal known as Iftar—a daily ritual during Ramadan—traditionally features a menu that includes hearty soups and stews, fruits, juices, milk, dates and water. Modern menus these days, of course, would have more variety. And for those seeking quality and variety amidst an air of festivity this Ramadan, Rajawali is an excellent option.

Meat and fish dishes are aplenty, as are fragrant sweet meats and desserts that are a staple of a Ramadan meal. Main dishes like Kambing Golek and Ayam Percik should be filling enough, but there are also Gerai Satay offering chicken and mutton options along with Otak Otak, and the Ikan Bakar counter offering all kinds of fish like Siakap, Kembung, Ikan Keli and Ikan Tenggiri.


There is also Seafood Goreng: crab meat, prawn, squid and fish ball that can be enjoyed with traditional Malay sauces like Sambal Celup, Sambal Belacan, Budu, Cincaluk and Sambal Tempoyak.

Most people would begin their meal with a soup—and the Rajawali speciality this time around is Sup Citarasa Awana (which includes chicken slices and Roti Banggali) but no one would accuse you of being unadventurous if you settle for Mushroom Soup or Tomyam Soup.


This being Malaysia, no buffet is complete without Penang or Ipoh food—there are two counters offering these. The Penang counter features must-have dishes like Nasi Kandar, Fish Head Curry, Kambing Masala, Chicken Prathal, and Roti Canai. Chicken, lamb and beef options can also be found.

Then there's the Ipoh counter offering Ipoh Curry Mee, Char Kuay Teow and Sotong Kangkung—but also featured nearby are Laksa Johor, Laksam Kuala Kedah, Mee Bandung, Mee Jawa, and Mee Rebus. More traditional dishes come in the form of Aneka Ulam Ulaman, Aneka Kerabu, and Tauhu Sumbat at the Cold Kitchen, but one can also enjoy five types of Genting Garden Salad here. 


Main dishes worth trying include Asam Pedas Ikan Pari, Gulai Lemak Daging Salai, Rendang Tok, Patin Tempoyak, Sweet & Sour Lala, and Japanese Taufu with Mushroom. For porridge lovers, Bubuk Lambuk should be satisfying enough, while Arab Street is where diners can find imported and local kurma—there are five to seven types of dates available at any one time.


Fruits are aplenty, too, including local favourites like ciku, langsat, manggis, kedondong, nangka, cempedak, and rambutan. And the long list of sweets and desserts available should keep diners with a sweet tooth happy. From Kuih Lapis to Bubur Kacang Hijau to Goreng Pisang to Ais Batu Campur & Cendol, the intention is to satisfy every craving—and how Rajawali delivers in this aspect!


By the time the diner decides to settle back to enjoy their drink for the evening—Air Sirap Bandung, Air Sirap Selasih, Air Asam Boi and Air Mata Kuching, among the options—they no doubt would agree that it's been one wonderfully satisfying meal. 

For more information, call +603 6101 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com

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