Contributed by: Robyn Jayne Lopez

Burger & Lobster is famously known for their perfect craftsmanship’s of their simple yet scrumptious meals they have to offer. But do you know they offer world class cocktails too?!  Burger & Lobster at Resort World Genting offer exotic cocktails that are just pure bliss. Here are the Top 5 Cocktails at Burger and Lobster, Resort World Genting has to offer.

1. Genting Opulance


Genting Opulance is a refreshing combination of gin, raspberry liqueur, pineapple, basil and ginger. Not a Gin lover myself but this cocktail surprisingly caught my attention! You get a fresh taste with a hint of spice that soothes your taste buds. Moreover, it is majestically presented in an elevated silver-ornamented pitcher with four mini taps. Talk about fancy! Definitely the choice to drink while you sit and chat with your friends.


2. Odalisque


Who would think white wine and rum would go oh so well together?! Pure genious. An offspring from a torrid love affair between Pinot Grigio and Havana rum. This mixture will then concocted to perfection with the addition of pineapple and lemon juice for a fruity yet sexy thirst quencher. Tadaa! You get Odalisque. Absolute bliss.

3. South Carolina Tea


For all tea lovers with an extra twist, South Carolina Tea is an old but classic drink. Taking traditional English tea to a whole new cheeky level. This cocktail is made up of gin which is then shaken to perfection with Earl Grey Tea and a refreshing dose of watermelon juice. Perfect for a mischievous high tea session.


4. Newton


Newton is a herb-infused libations that adds depth to an average cocktail. This cocktail uses premium Belverede Vodka and adding a fresh twist using a sprig of thyme and apple liqueur. Who would think that a herb that’s usually used in seasonal blends with meat and fish could be use in a cocktail as well? Using thyme as a secret ingredient elevates the cocktail to a whole new level. Definitely a surprise twist. Served in an elegant martini glass, it is sure to be the best thyme of your life!


5. Jalisco’s Rose


To all the tequila lovers, this is the perfect drink for you! A cocktail that is made of red apple cordial, cocchi rosa vermouth, lemon soda and of course, Tequila! Its Tequila, nothing could go wrong with tequila.  A subtle drink but definitely one that is love at first sip!  Served in a wine glass for an extra class.

Have you chosen your poison yet? Located at the Level 1 SkyAvenue, Do make your way to Burger & Lobster at Resort World Genting and enjoy a gastronomic advanture!


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