What better occasion to indulge in fine dining than when on vacation at Resorts World Genting? There is no better place to do so than at AGED Restaurant & Bar, newly open on 16th November. Although it has the look and feel of a seasoned and well-polished chain, AGED is actually the first outlet of its name with plans to open more outlets in the future. 

Head Chef Cliff Tan, a Singaporean has a culinary background from France that reflects in his magnificent and inventive dishes. Assisting him is Sous Chef Jeff Lai who has experience in the kitchens of the United States of America and other countries. 


With a semi-fine dining concept, AGED uses basic from traditional cooking methods but with fascinating modern techniques to create their impressive menu.  With a chic and minimalistic décor, it provides the perfect background for the food and spirits.


For starters, literally, is a Caesar Salad. Now, this is not just made up of your ordinary greens as cured egg yolk, specially sourced anchovies and Iberico Ham flown in from Spain is added to the mix. This dish is topped off with croutons for that crunchy taste, salad dressing of their own recipe and olive crumble which goes through a special method where it is baked slowly until it is dry and then blended to crispy perfection.  


AGED has put their own spin on Foie Gras, a popular French luxury delicacy by garnishing it with apple raisins, jelly made of ginger flower and lime, and balsamic pearl which is balsamic sauce turned into caviar form through a cold boiling method.  Served whole, the chocolate sauce drizzled on top pairs well with the meat. The foie gras is perfectly prepared, leaving it with a buttery, rich and delicate taste.


Among their main course offerings, is Chicken Breast which may sound like a bland option but is anything but. The chicken breast is tender, with Honey Carrot Purée, mushroom sauce, apricot and polenta, fried dehydrated chicken skin on the side which work together to give it the right balance of flavour.


The Pork Rack has an eclectic mix of pineapple salsa, honey carrot puree, avocado and dehydrated chicken skin to top it off perfectly balancing the taste of meat with sweet and sour. Lemon juice and sugar syrup is blended and added as foam.


Although Escargot is usually served as a starter, this European favourite is combined with a beloved Italian dish, risotto and piquillo, red bell pepper, olive crumble and parsley butter for a refreshing zest of flavour.  The Escargot, garnished with sago mixed with squid ink then dehydrated and fried won’t be like anything you’ve tasted before.


Although all the dishes at AGED are beautifully plated, the Salmon especially stands out with quality ingredients such as couscous and chorizo, beetroot, aioli, squid ink couscous and ikura.  With every bite, you can taste the fresh taste of the ocean infused with purified butter with the meat cooked to perfection at a low temperature with sea salt and lemon juice. Beetroot puree and basil oil complete the dish.



Sous Chef Jeff Lai taking the meat off the bone

The pièce de résistance of the menu at AGED is where the name of the restaurant is derived from. Their Tomahawk Angus Australian steak is made of beef that is aged for a minimum of 20 days, which requires reservations before visiting and priced according to the weight of the cut. Interestingly, mold is deliberately allowed to form on the meat on the outer surface which protects the meat from drawing out moisture that is later cut off during the preparation of the steak. This special method keeps it tender with gorgeous marbling and juicy when it is cooked, making it a must try dish that is bursting with flavour from basting. The steak is perfectly grilled leaving it slightly crisp, served with sea salt to taste and a side of salad and fries.  Tenderloin and striploin cuts are also available at AGED.

Vegetarians do not have to fret either as there are equally tasty non-meat pasta offerings available which are handmade in the restaurant.

No meal is truly complete without dessert and AGED definitely does not lack in this department, and will make you feel as if you are dining in the streets of Rome or Paris.


The Crème caramel gives you the best of both worlds with the smooth custard that would satisfy any sweet tooth. Not one to shy away from innovation even through their desserts, the balsamic pearl and sesame twirl add an unconventional taste to the beloved dessert.


This stunning treat immediately catches the eye with gold flakes on the Lemon Tart. The Meringue piped with delightfully fluffy cream and combined with the pastry will leave you savouring it for a good few minutes. The Jackfruit Ice Cream, a unique and tropical flavoured confection is set on top of a biscuit crumble and will leave you wanting more.


Have a drink at the bar, which makes up part of the décor of the entrance, with an even more impressive spread inside, which takes up a whole wall. Specialising in whiskeys and vodka, they have everything from Glenlivet to Dewar’s Special Reserve 12 Years and Royal Dragon Vodka Elite.  AGED offers delicious signature drinks. Every Wednesday night is Ladies’ Night where all cocktails go at 1 for 1, from 6.30pm onwards till late.


The head barista, Tryston Choong serves up a mean drink with his go-to ingredients interestingly including egg white. Like any well-seasoned pro, he has come up with his own concoctions, four of which stand out. He alternates between different shakers to create a different taste, whether emphasizing on the crushed ice or a smoother feel.


Gentlemen Black, like its name is for the men. With the rim of the glass dipped on salt, lime juice, charcoal powder, egg white and a good measure of gin is mixed, strained and served in a martini glass with a slice of lime resulting in dark coloured mysterious concoction with an intense blend of flavours with a hint of sourness which will be favoured by the lads.


Northern Lights, a pleasantly coloured light green drink which took Choong several months to perfect, has cucumber syrup, gin and lychee liqueur mixed together, served in a long glass with a strawberry on top.   


Butterfly is sure to delight with the pretty purple drink served in a margarita glass topped off with blueberries on a stick. With elderflower liqueur, violet syrup and Choong’s own concoction of ‘butterfly pea flower’ infused gin, it is a drink that’s perfect for the ladies.


Blue Lady is a complex potpourri of ingredients that work perfectly together. Blue caracao liqueur, elderflower, lychee liqueur, ice vodka, lemon juice and a dash of leeched juice make up this ambrosial drink. The turquoise liquor is served with lemon and flambéed rosemary which gives off an aromatic fragrance, which go well with the smooth drink.


Coffee is also a strong suit of AGED, with even coffee art a part of their repertoire. A step above other latte art, their Macadamia latte is skillfully decorated with rainbow swirls. The aroma of the coffee also goes well with any meal or for kicking back during a relaxing afternoon.


Their Yuri matcha is also definitely worth a try with the green tea from Uji, Kyoto’s famous tea town in Japan, the land of matcha. With a creamy taste but surprisingly still being super light, any green tea lovers will go crazy over this beverage. 


The Irish coffee is not for the faint-hearted with Bailey’s Original Irish Cream added in.

AGED Restaurant & Bar is definitely worth a visit as one of the latest offerings at Resorts World Genting, perfectly mixing the traditional and contemporary cooking methods for one of the best semi fine dining cuisines available in the country.


AGED Restaurant & Bar

Address: Lot T2-52&53, Level 1, Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands, 69000,Pahang Malaysia

For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com        


*Photos courtesy of Michael Marvin Photography from Michael Marvin Photographer: https://www.facebook.com/MarvDot7/

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