SkyAvenue always has something new in store. If you haven’t had a chance to try all the F&B dining options, even more have arrived! Take your pick or at least try to…

Nene Chicken


The very first franchise of Nene Chicken in Malaysia, the popular South Korean fried chicken chain has opened at SkyAvenue. Situated on Level 4 of SkyAvenue, visitors may choose to dine outside in the cool breeze or inside and enjoy the charming interior. There is also an upper floor if visitors want some privacy.


Chicken maniacs can choose to dine on just chicken with different chicken types: classic chicken, boneless chicken and wingettes & drumettes. There are great Nene flavours for you to choose from with ‘Original’, ‘Swicy’, ‘Bulgogi’ and ‘Freaking Hot’ on the menu. Go small with 6 pieces or go all out with 50 pieces that you can tackle alone or with your family. Those who want to go for something else can go for the Original or Kimchi burger or the Nene Dosirak or lunch box. Their dessert can’t be missed out on too as they have a unique Black Sesame Soft serve that will soothe your taste buds after all that spicy chicken.


Have a taste of their oh-so-smooth black sesame ice cream


The chicken establishment has cute and quirky interior

Sushi Zanmai


Sushi Zanmai is always the best choice when it comes to Japanese food. Not only is there an excellent menu spread, but the prices are very affordable too.  However, you don’t sacrifice on the ambiance as a classy interior awaits within. Try out their Fiery Oyster Roll or for a full meal or go for the Chicken Kaarage Don or Fried Chicken with Onion on Rice.



Boat Noodle is the haven for Thai food outside of Thailand! Their man dish, also known as Kuey Teow Ruer originates from the floating markets of Ayutthaya. Some other great dishes to try are the Tasty Chicken Wings, Kra Pow Chicken Rice and Juicy Beef Meatballs. Their beverages are worth visiting for alone, with favourites such as Blended Cha Yen or Thai Ice Blended Tea and Terer Taro or Taro Milk Tea.

At Boat Noodle, you’ll feel like you’re feasting on street food on the streets of Thailand.


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts


The American company Krispy Kreme has brought its beloved doughnuts up to Resorts World Genting! They have expanded their menu to include coffee, drinks and sandwiches too. Get the doughnuts a-la-carte or by half dozen or a dozen to share. You may choose to dine in or take away the doughnuts in convenient boxes. Your mind with be boggled by the options. Shall it be Chocolate Mud Pie or Caramel Cookies? Classic Cinnamon or Oreo? Why not get them all?!


Choose from their uniquely flavoured doughnuts such as Caramel Cookie, Chocolate Iced Custard Filled or even KitKat doughtnut.




Anyone who’s heard of Häagen-Dazs will know that their creamy and smooth ice cream is to die for! Create your own favourite mix. First pick your base if it’s a fresh baked cone, cookie, biscotti, hot waggle, chocolate brownie or just a cup. Next pick your flavour and how many scoops you want (I’m thinking at least three). Then top it off with their fun toppings such as fruits, sauce, cookies, crunch and others. You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!


Those who are on-the-go can also pick up a cup, packed stick ice cream or their 1 pint ice cream tubs.


Dream Colour


The most Instagrammable drink at SkyAvenue is here. Make your day rainbow-coloured with the awesome drinks at Dream Colour. All the rage in Taiwan, this beverage is inspired by the Aurora Lights phenomenon. If you think that there might be artificial colouring in it, don’t worry! Their drinks are made out of 100% Butterfly Pea flowers combined with teas and juices. Their drinks are not only oh-so-lovely but they taste good too! Grab a full set with a drink and a meal for only RM20. Pick your favourite colour gradient or flavour from one of their four series: Butterfly, Cloud, Fruit or Tea. You can’t possibly go wrong with all their pretty colours.


A sample of the drinks on display


Food menu


Drinks menu


Several popular American fast food chains that are a crowd favourite including Wendy’s, Texas Chicken and Pizza Hut have opened their doors as well at Level 4 of SkyAvenue.

There are also several more exciting outlets coming soon such as J&G Fried Chicken from Taiwan. Bubble tea aficionados will also appreciate the opening of Koi the Café with their handmade artisan tea.


For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit

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