Celebrate the “Bak Chang” festival with a mouthwatering selection of traditional steaming rice dumplings


The Chinese “Bak Chang” festival – the fifth day of the fifth month the time of the year, marks the Dumpling Festival where friends and family gather to feast on delectable dumplings to celebrate fealty and filial piety. Better known as the Dragon Boat Festival, Malaysians fondly associate the Dumpling Festival with wrapped parcels of savoury and sweet goodness made out of glutinous rice, meat, mushrooms and various other ingredients. Rekindling memories of yesteryears, Resorts World Genting presents 6 mouthwatering selections of rice dumplings with the introduction of a brand new variant this year, Taro Dumpling with Dried Shrimp. These dumplings will be available at a total of nine outlets across the resort starting from May 25th to June 18th, 2018.




This year’s selection of dumplings include the traditional and highly popular Tian Bak Dumpling, as well as premium offerings including 2018 brand-new variant Taro Dumplings with Dried Shrimp and classic variants such as Black Eyed Peas Dumpling and Nyonya Dumplings. Those with a sweet tooth won’t feel left out, with traditional Crystal Dumplings and Crystal Dumplings with Red Bean filling also available. Guests will be spoilt for choice with six delicious variants of handmade dumplings served in generous portions and packed with distinctive taste to cater for all palates.


“Dumpling festival is widely celebrated among Malaysians, both young and old as it brings back many childhood memories. Here at Resorts World Genting, we continue to experiment with new flavours and recipes to keep up with food trends while maintaining the highest quality in terms of ingredients and preparation methods for the classic variants. This year, we’re delighted to introduce Taro Dumpling with Dried Shrimp which will definitely be a crowd-favourite,” said Chef Alvin Khoo, Executive Chef of Resorts World Genting.



Resorts World Genting dumplings will be available at the following nine locations across the resort, operating from 12noon to 8pm.

  • Genting Palace, 2nd Floor, Genting Grand
  • Good Friends Restaurant, Level 2, Maxims Hotel
  • Good Luck Restaurant, Level 3, Maxims Hotel & Sky Casino
  • Hainan Express @ International Room, Level 3 Maxims Hotel
  • Fortune Corner. Level 3, Maxims Hotel
  • Maxims Gold Noodle Bar, Level 2, Maxims Hotel
  • Malaysian Food Streets, Level 4, SkyAvenue & Awana Sky Central
  • Gold Noodle Bar, Sky Casino
  • Pot Luck, Sky Casino
For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com

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