A Chinese New Year staple, Yee Sang is a must-have for the festive occasion. At Resorts World Genting, it is given prominence from 16th January to 22nd February 2016; you may enjoy this traditional favorite when you dine at the various restaurants here.

Where to enjoy some wonderful Yee Sang? Well, check out Genting Palace (2nd Floor, Genting Grand), Seasons (Lobby Floor, Genting Grand), Imperial Rama (Level 2, Maxims), Good Friends Restaurant (Level 2, Maxims), Ming Ren (Level 2, Maxims), Resort Seafood (Level 1, Resort Hotel), Hainan Kitchen (Level 2, First World Plaza) and Rajawali Coffee House (Lobby Floor, Awana).

If you wish to take away your Yee Sang, you may get it from one of the three kioks selling it: Genting Palace, Good Friends Restaurant and Hainan Kitchen.  You can choose from a variety of Yee Sang, from Salmon Yee Sang (RM138 nett for a large pack and RM82 for small) to Japanese Tuna Yee Sang (RM138 nett for large and RM82 for small), Hokkaido Scallop Yee Sang (RM198 nett for large and RM 106 nett for small), and Abalone Yee Sang (RM 488 nett for large and RM 248 nett for small).

You can also choose to add to your Yee Sang at Genting Palace. Additional abalone can be purchased at RM 126 nett, additional Salmon at RM 35 nett, and additional Japanese Tuna at RM 35. The other three options are Hokkaido Scallop at RM 63 nett, Jelly Fish at RM 24 nett and additional Cracker at RM 11 nett.

Japanese Tuna Yee Sang

Japanese Tuna Yee Sang

Salmon Yee Sang

Salmon Yee Sang

Pineapple Tarts

What would make an excellent gift for Chinese New Year? Pineapple Tarts, of course! You would not want to miss out on the Pineapple Tarts sold at Resorts World Genting from 16th January to 22nd February.

Do come over to the kioks located at Genting Palace (Level 2, Genting Grand), Good Friends Restaurant (Level 2, Maxims) and Hainan Kitchen (Level 2, First World Plaza) for some of these tasty treats.

Pineapple Tart

Guests can choose from the two sizes available: 20 pieces in an air tight container priced at RM35 nett, or 12 pieces in a lid container priced at RM25 nett.

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