Celebrate Malaysia’s 61st birthday at Resorts World Genting with two tempting buffets

Malaysia’s iconic dishes and delicacies take centre stage at Rajawali Coffee House and Coffee Terrace in celebration of Merdeke 2018


Sous Chef of Rajawali Coffee House, Chef Ahmad Rosnie showcasing the many varieties of meat and ingredients available to prepare a bowl of satisfying Sup Citirasa Awana.

On 31 August 2018, Malaysia will celebrate its 61st birthday. We are united in the love for our country as expressed through the official theme for Merdeka 2018 – Sayangi Malaysiaku. As we look back on the past 61 years and look forward to a bright future, Resorts World Genting wants to keep Malaysia on your mind with two indulgent Merdeka buffets on 31 August 2018.

At Rajawali Coffee House on the Lobby Floor of Awana Genting, the lunch buffet (12 noon to 2.30pm) turns into a celebration of truly Malaysian delicacies. Start the Merdeka afternoon right with a selection of local appetisers including Ulam and Rojak specialties from various Malaysian states, Sambal Belacan, Budu, Cencalok, Sambal Tomato, Tempoyak, Rojak Buah, Pasembur and Tauhu Sumbat, as well as a selection of western salads at the Salad Puncak Genting spread. Rajawali is well known for its local soups, and the Sup Citarasa Awana stall obliges by serving up steaming bowls of Sup Gearbox ‘Lambreta’, Sup Perut, Sup Daging, Sup Ayam, Sup Tulang Lembu and a touch of spiciness in Spicy Szechuan Soup. 


Assorted clay pots brimming with fragrant spices and delicious scents take centre stage at the buffet. Filled to the brim with Tempoyak Ikan Patin, Rendang Tok Perak, Ayam Masak Belado, Ikan Goreng, Sambal Temper Dengan Kentang, Gulai Lemak Nangka, Sayur Campur, Braised Tauhu with Soy Sauce and Daging Bakar Air Asam, the tempting dishes are meant to go well with our Malaysian staple, Nasi Kukus. There is also a Gerai Satay serving up freshly-grilled skewers of Chicken and Beef Satay, along with Otak-Otak, accompanied by glossy Chilli Peanut Sauce, Rice Cakes, Cucumbers and Bombay Onion. To represent the multi-cultural nature of Malaysia’s dynamic population, there will also be separate stalls representing Indian and Chinese cuisine. At the Indian stall, street food favourites Roti Canai, Putu Mayam and Murtabak will be made fresh with accompanying Dhall and Sambal, while iconic hawker fare of Char Koay Teow and Curry Laksa will be cooked-to-order at the Chinese store. The famous Awana Roasted Chicken Rice will occupy a stall of its own, tempting dinners with glistening portions of chicken and the fragrant scent of steamed rice. 


One of the main highlights, the fragrant Rendang Tok offered during RWG Merdeka 2018 Buffet.

Sweeten the palate after that Malaysian gastronomic adventure with a bewildering assortment of homemade kueh, including Kueh Lapis, Kueh Talam, Keuh Kasui, Ondeh-Ondeh and Seri Muka, as well as traditional Bubur Kacang Hijau. Fresh fruits from the jungles and farms of Malaysia will be a light end to the meal, or guests can also indulge in Pisang Goreng, Cempedak Goreng and Ubi Kayu Goreng at the Goreng-Goreng station. It is a chance for the whole family to indulge in the wonderful world of Malaysia food to celebrate Merdeka. And in tribute to the pioneer generations of Malaysia, two parents aged 60 years and above will be able to dine for free, for every party of 4 full-paying adults. The Merdeka Buffet Lunch at Rajawali Coffee House is priced at RM47 nett per adult and RM24 nett per child aged 12 years or below. 


All-time Malaysian favorite, Satay Stall available at Rajawali Coffee House, Awana and Coffee Terrace located at Genting Grand lobby. 

As the sun begins to set, and fireworks are set off across the country to celebrate its 61st birthday, guests of Resorts World Genting can gather at the Coffee Terrace in Genting Grand Hotel for the Merdeka Buffet Dinner (6pm to 9.30pm). Incorporating flavours from around the world – including the always-popular Chinese, Western, Japanese and Western Asian counters – Coffee Terrace will be commemorating Merdeka with a special array of iconic Malaysian delicacies.

Begin with some Satay, freshly-grilled and just lightly charred, made complete by a velvety Peanut Sauce and crunchy accompaniments. Complete the appetiser portion of your meal with crispy Keropok Ikan,  Keropok Dhall or the complex flavours of Malaysian Rojak Buah, or head straight to the main dishes. These are recipes that are known worldwide and a source of great pride for Malaysian, including Nasi Lemak, Ayam Rendang, Prawn Sambal with Petai, Chilli Crab, Gulai Ikan Masin with Pineapple and Mussels ‘Kam Heong’ style. Enjoy them, for there is nothing more patriotic that taking pride in our nation’s food. 


Assortment of Ikan Bakar and steamed rice to whet your appetite.

For those that appreciate the skill that goes into making these dishes, the action stall offers a close-up glimpse. Marvel at how Teh Tarik and Kopi Tarik are made by perilously pouring tea and coffee between two outstretched cups to create foam, be curious at the vigorous shaking and stirring it takes to create a bowl of Assam Laksa and enjoy the sensorial sizzle as Roti Canai hits a hot griddle or a Cakoi stick enters a wok of bubbling oil. Finish off the meal with the brilliant colours and mouthwatering taste of Nyonya Kueh. And don’t forget to have a slice of Merdeka Cake, a special confection created by the chefs of Coffee Terrace specifically to celebrate Malaysia’s 61th birthday. The Merdeka Buffet Dinner at Coffee Terrace is priced at RM88 nett per adult and RM44 nett per child aged 12 years or below. 

Rajawali Coffee House is located at the Lobby Floor of Awana Genting, while Coffee Terrace is located at the Lobby level of Genting Grand Hotel.

For more information, call +603 2718 1118 

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