Beauty In The Pot Is The New Health & Beauty Hotpot In The Sky



The first Beauty in the Pot in Malaysia has opened and its located at Resorts World Genting! Since its inception in 2014 in Singapore, Beauty in The Pot has been winning over gourmands with its nourishing and exquisite broths, as well as a wide selection of fresh ingredients.

Inspired by the culture of food for health, the hotpot concept offers nourishing soup bases that promise rich flavours coupled with abundant benefits. An extensive menu of fresh ingredients and homemade specialties are also specially selected by the culinary team for a heavenly match.



Ride the escalator up from the alfresco area on Level 4 on SkyAvenue and you’ll see this sign.


Help yourselves to some snacks and drinks whilst you wait because the popularity of the restaurant causes quite a queue.


Spanning over 7,400 square feet, the 266-seater outlet boasts an interior design that is different from the rest of its outlets’. Its pink princess theme is inspired by the beautiful cherry blossoms that come every early spring. The restaurant’s flooring features white marble stippled with pink quartz. This symbolises the cherry blossoms that fall on snow-clad land. From the entrance to the private rooms, the walls to the ceiling and even the charging points, everything is decked out in different shades of pink. The décor fits the restaurant’s name, and is a wonderland for the ladies!




Large groups or families will be delighted to know that private rooms are available here with individual pots! Each room has 10 seats, and can be combined to form an even larger space. All the pots in the restaurant have been specially imported. There is even an exhaust system surrounding each pot, so diners can enjoy the hotpot session in a well-ventilated environment.


Plans are also in the pipeline to build a children's playground, so the adults can enjoy the food while the kids enjoy their playtime.


The new outlet serves six soup bases, including the following:

Signature Beauty Collagen Broth (Scallop & Pork Bone Soup): More than six hours of hard work go into the making of this dense and collagen-rich soup. Freshly prepared every day, the soup features shark's cartilage as the main ingredient.


Signature Spicy Nourishing Soup (Pork Bone Soup): This soup offers an extra boost for immunity and energy. Simmered for long hours, the pork bone broth is made with luxurious Chinese herbs including a whole ginseng, dang gui, dang shen, red dates, wolf berries and others. It is available in mild spicy, spicy and extra spicy options.


Herbal Drunken Chicken Broth: The fresh kampong chicken is simmered over a small fire for at least two hours, and mixed with an array of premium herbs such as Solomon's seal, codonopsis root, Chinese angelica root and many more. The broth helps improve blood circulation and strengthens one's immunity.


Cooling Coconut Broth: This is a unique culinary creation that will wow palates. The soup base comprises coconut flesh, and a variety of fresh ingredients such as spare ribs, chicken, chicken's feet and snow fungus. The chefs slice open fresh young coconuts and pour the coconut water into the soup base. It helps to nourish the lungs and improve the body's immune system.

There are also two other options: Longevity Wild Mushroom Broth (Vegetarian); and Vitamin C Tomato Sweet Corn Broth. Customers can request for refills; superior stock is added to the Beauty Collagen Broth; Signature Spicy Nourishing Broth; and Cooling Coconut Broth while clear soup is added to the Herbal Drunken Chicken Broth. Doing so helps to maintain the original flavour of the broth.


The price of a single pot starts from RM32; a quart pot starts from RM10 each.


A suite of premium hotpot ingredients

Specially selected to match seamlessly with the soup, Beauty in The Pot offers a variety of fresh ingredients ranging from meat and seafood to vegetables and noodles. All the meatballs, meat paste and dumplings are handmade. There are also more than 20 condiments and sauces to dip the ingredients in. Top up RM6.80 to enjoy the condiments and a selection of fresh fruits.


A variety of sauces and garnishing are available for the perfect hotpot experience.

Other brands include from the Paradise Group includes Paradise Dynasty, LeNu & Canton Paradise, Beauty in The Pot (all available at Resorts World Genting), as well as ParaThai, Kung Fu Bake Rice & LeTen.

For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit

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