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Exciting news for all ramen lovers, Taiko Ramen is now open at First World Plaza. Ramen is synonymous with Japan and has taken the global stage in recent years. To the uninitiated, ramen is just noodles with soup but to those of us who know better, ramen is a savory, a luxurious bowl of comfort food – a soup that is both filling and satisfying while also exhibiting variations that delights the casual diner over and over. The restaurant’s atmosphere sets the stage while food takes the spotlight as the guest becomes its audience. The restaurant’s lighting, music, artwork and space come together to create comfort yet highlight the culture of Japan for the diners.

They serve kotteri (rich) broth base.  Thick, rich and heavy kotteri broth is made from Tonkatsu which means “pork bones” together with fat and collagen that have been slow-simmered for 16 hours. Noodles are also imported all the way from Japan.

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It’s hard to choose a favorite as they offer 5 different types of options for diners which also represent different states in Japan, but let’s start with the two signature ramen:

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Tokyo Tonkotsu Shoyu is originated from Kanto, Japan: the original choice. Instead of salt, a sauce made by fermenting soya beans is used to make the broth salty. The soup is slight dark in colour and sweeter than Kyushu Tonkaysu.

The Ingredients are: Tonkatsu Broth added Shoyu Tare “Soy Sauce” and Mayu “Black Garlic Oil” soup served with other fresh ingredients: Chashu “Slided Pork”, Nori “Seaweed”, Negi “Welsh Onion” and Goma “sesame”.

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Taiko Mazemen originates from Chubu, Japan: Dry Noodles served with Shoyu Tare “Soy Sauce”, Spicy Minced Pork, Negi “Welsh Onion”, Chinese Chives, Garlic, Dried Bonito Powder, Nori “Seaweed”, Chili Paste and Goma “sesame”.

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If you prefer spicy flavours, you may go for Hokkaido Karamiso which originated from Hokkaido, Japan : Tonkatsu Broth with Chili Paste and other fresh ingredients: Chashu “Slided Pork”, Corn , Negi “Welsh Onion” and Goma “sesame”.

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Kyushu Tonkaysu which originated from Kyushu, Japan: Tonkatsu Broth with Shio Tare “Sea Salt Seasoning”. It is a pale, clear and yellowish broth made with plenty of salt.

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Tsugaru Niboshi which originated from Tohoku, Japan: Tonkatsu Broth, Garlic Oil and Niboshi Tare “Japanese Anchovies” soup served with other fresh ingredients: Chashu “Slided Pork”, Menma “lactate fermentated bamboo shoots”, Negi “Welsh Onion” and Goma “sesame”.

The price of ramen starts from: RM 21.00 and variety of additional toppings are available for choice.

Operation Hours: 9am to 11pm

Opens Daily

For more information, please call +03 2718 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com

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