Chinese Cuisine at its Best at Resorts World Genting


One of the most intangible, but most loved things about Resorts World Genting is the energy that suffuses the highest peak in West Malaysia. The bustle, the adrenaline rush of adventure, the high-octane energy of people braving it out on the amusement park rides, and the sheer thrill of being virtually in the clouds, gives Malaysia’s favourite mountain resort a buzz that cannot be recreated anywhere else.


While the resort has made a name for itself for the number of fast, casual and convenient food options, it also realizes the niche need for exclusive Chinese dining spaces to cater to larger families or groups who may wish for personalized service. As a forward-looking purveyor of the best in creature comforts, Resorts World Genting has ensured that those who seek the pleasure of exclusive dining experience will have as fantastic a selection of restaurants as those who like it chic and cheerful.



The Grand Imperial Group has made a name for itself when it comes to great Chinese food. With eight restaurants in Malaysia, it debuted its ninth at First World Plaza. The Grand Imperial Chinese Restaurant takes up an impressive 10,000 sq. ft. of the entire 12,000 sq. ft. area. The rest is dedicated to the Grand Imperial London Duck Restaurant, which specializes in duck imported from the United Kingdom.



The Grand Imperial Chinese Restaurant, which operates daily from 9am to 11pm, offers both luxury and comfort food, prepared by some of the best Chinese chefs in the country. Diners can partake of a fine selection of appetizers, soup, roasted items, Chinese delicacies like abalone and sharks’ fin, fresh seafood and hearty noodles in one of the restaurant’s seven private dining rooms. While tried and true staples of the Chinese banquet table abound, there are also notable, fresh expressions of creativity such as the appetizer of deep-fried Australian cuttlefish with crispy almonds in spicy sauce, the combination of abalone and crispy roast duck, double-boiled free-range chicken in birds’ nest served in a whole coconut, and a stunning selection of premium seafood prepared in all the familiar, well-loved styles.





Oversea Genting, located in SkyPlaza, is part of the Oversea group of companies, which dates back to the 1970s. One of the pre-eminent Chinese restaurants even at that time, Oversea restaurants have come to stand for authentic Chinese food in opulent, convivial settings. Its Genting outlet takes that promise to another level, with its signature mix of homespun meets extravagant feast offerings. The restaurant’s private dining rooms are perfect for partaking in sumptuous, heartwarming dishes ranging from braised chicken in Chinese wine, BBQ pork belly, braised homemade bean curd with sponge gourd, and pan-fried spare ribs in wine sauce. Oversea SkyPlaza also offers great value set menus for tables of ten, with a selection of their favourite dishes, and special monthly promotional items. 


OUG Jade Restaurant in First World Plaza also offers the privacy of private dining rooms from where diners can savour great Cantonese cuisine. OUG Jade’s brand of Cantonese cuisine draws influences from Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong.


Cantonese cuisine is one of the Eight Culinary Traditions of Chinese cuisine, and at OUG Jade, the tradition is served up deliciously with items such as the four hot and cold combination, crispy skinned roasted spring chicken, Cantonese fried noodles with freshwater prawns, Shunde home-style lime steamed fish, sauna chicken thigh, claypot Chinese waxed meat with rice and steamed grouper with dried tangerine peel.


Steam Era specializes in hot pot cuisine with an innovative twist. While many have come to associate hot pot with vats of bubbling chillies and oil, Steam Era steams their dishes. This style of food preparation began coming into prominence in Hong Kong a few years ago, and was praised for being a healthier way to prepare food, which came out bursting with flavour and freshness.


Its outlet in First World Plaza is the third for the chain, which began in 2015. The warm, comforting dishes served at Steam Era are perfect for the cool mountain climate. Its private dining rooms allow diners to enjoy scallop porridge with sea crab, tender grilled chicken chop with dry ramen, braised beef brisket ramen soup, and spicy Sichuan steamed fish in seclusion, which may be just what is needed to recharge before another go at the many attractions of Resort World Genting.



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