The Sky’s The Limit

Exciting new tastes, and tradition-filled favourites send guests over the moon for Resorts World Genting’s mooncake promotion.


The mid-autumn (or mooncake) festival falls on 13 September 2019, but Resorts World Genting is already leading the festive charge with a delectable selection of the traditional treats. From 8 July to 13 September 2019, the mountain-top resort will offer a wide array of their signature mooncakes across many venues within Resorts World Genting, in preparation for one of the most popular festivals of the Chinese lunar calendar. 

In keeping with the tradition, Resorts World Genting is offering 15 delicious mooncake variants which are available at locations throughout the resort. Ranging from traditional to contemporary flavours, the mooncakes are made by the talented Resorts World Genting chefs, to recipes which have been refined over years of mooncake research and development.   


The most traditional mooncake is the lotus paste with single yolk. The filling for this mooncake is handmade in the Resorts World Genting mooncake production kitchen, and is a perfect blend of sweet and creamy, offset by the richness of the salted egg yolk. For those who cannot get enough of the yolk, there is the lotus paste with double yolk and for those who prefer minimal sweetness in their mooncake, pick the low sugar option with lotus paste. For a twist on this traditional version of the mooncake, try the fragrant green tea lotus paste mooncake or the Pu Er lotus paste with single yolk. The newly created pandan jade (lotus paste with screwpine leaf) with chocolaty hazelnuts is also a must try for its intense nutty flavour and rich mouth-feel. 

Lotus seeds have a membrane which clings to the seeds. The removal of this membrane before cooking results in white lotus seed paste, which is deemed by connoisseurs to be the highest quality of paste. Fittingly, Resorts World Genting uses this slighter less sweet paste in the creation of its more premium offerings, namely the white lotus paste with black sesame. The resort’s latest white lotus paste creation pairs the premium filling with X.O jingsa, for an overtone of citrusy tanginess which is delightful with freshly brewed Chinese tea. 

Another popular traditional variant of the mooncake is the one with red bean paste. Resorts World Genting also offers the golden jade with single yolk, and pandan jade with buttermilk custard.

Durian lovers will delight in the new durian paste with premium durian jingsa and the delicate snow skin durian paste mooncake. Those who prefer more bite to their mid-autumn treats will be happy to know that the master mooncake makers have perfected the assorted nuts “Ng Yan” variant.  The traditional Kam Tui mooncake - which is a dense mix of nuts, seeds, dried melon and cured Chinese ham - is exclusively available only in two non-halal restaurants: Genting Palace and Good Friends Restaurant.

Available at all kiosks is Resort World Genting’s signature moon biscuit, the God of Wealth cookie which utilizes the recipe for the mooncake crust, pressed into moulded shapes. God of Wealth cookies are priced at RM7 nett for two pieces. 

With the exception of the Kam Tui mooncake, all mooncake variants can be purchased at the following locations:


➢           Genting Palace, second floor, Genting Grand, from 12.00 noon to 9.00pm.

➢           Good Friends Restaurant, level two, Maxims Hotel, from 12.00 noon to 9.00pm.

➢           Maxims Platinum Lounge, lobby, Maxims Hotel, from 12.00 noon to 9.00 pm.

➢           Malaysian Food Street entrance, Level 4, SkyAvenue, from 12.00 noon to 10.00 pm.

➢           First World Hotel lobby, First World Hotel, from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm.

➢           Grab & Win, Level 1, Sky Casino (24 hours).

➢           Flavours Café, lobby, Resorts World Awana, from 12.00 noon to 9.00 pm.


Resorts World Genting will offer a 20 percent discount for early birds, from 8th to 31st July 2019, while from 8 July to 13 September, there will be a 30 percent discount for a minimum purchase of 50 boxes of the four-piece selection box. 

For more information, please visit or call +603-2718 1118.

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