Soupo-rific Teochew porridge at Yesteryear to keep your tummy warm

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Lo and behold this understated yet simply comforting dish - teochew porridge is a must have on our list if ever at Resorts World Genting. Not only is it the perfect food for Genting’s chilly weather but it takes you back to that home cooked goodness. Picture a delicious bowl of porridge with an array of condiments to go with just like how one would get at home. We certainly can’t say no to that. The answer is simply YES!

Dubbed a taste of nostalgia this place really hits the spot. Located on the ever so popular Sky Avenue 4th floor Alfresco dining, you will not miss it and if you do, look out for High Line Rooftop Market which is directly opposite or Powerplant which is right beside it.

Unlike other restaurants, Yesteryear’s interior and frontage are simple yet tempting.  Set in the 70’s era, the restaurant reminds one of those Chinese shoplot ‘hawker’ shop that is still in existence along any busy street in Pudu. Inside, there is a large illustration of yesteryear’s eateries in the 70’s in lightboxes across the top back wall to further emphasize on the concept of the restaurant.  Menus on boards with prices for easy reference on the dishes available are also clearly displayed.

There are a couple of stalls namely Chicken Rice Stall and another ‘mixed rice’ concept stall with trays of various dishes for customers to choose from to pair them with their porridge stand behind the restaurant to make way for wooden chairs and tables. All in all the restaurant can take up to 92 people . Make sure you get a seat early when the restaurant opens at 6 pm until 2am as queue starts during dinner time.

Yesteryear main entranceYesteryear menuIf you do not already know, Teochew porridge has come a long way as it originally hails from a province called Chaozhou in China and was later brought to Malaysia by the early Teochew immigrants. This particular cuisine has been adjusted to suit the local palate, but is still as distinctive and popular amongst the Chinese.

The restaurant offers set meals that comes with porridge and accompanied with popular side dishes such as soy-braised staples, preserved vegetables, and a variety of meats. A Teochew porridge set will come with 5 dishes that include 1 item each from seafood, pork, poultry, eggs, vegetables, and bean curd varieties and is priced at RM23.00 nett. There is also sweet potato porridge set that comes with 5 dishes too and is priced at RM25.00.

Teochew porridge set

porridge set

For those who want something other than porridge, fret not as you can dig into another Malaysian staple- Hainanese Chicken Rice, and some delicious meatballs and fish ball soup. The chicken rice comes in two choices of either roasted chicken rice or the Choy Yin chicken rice.

Chef Leong Tieng Teong

Hainanese chicken rice

There is also braised Muscovy duck and for the meatball and fishball variety you can opt between the pork tendon ball soup, hock chew fish ball, ham meat ball soup, Estuary grouper fish ball soup, and bursting pork meatball soup. 

According to Chef Leong Tieng Teong the mustard seed plant with the pork meat dish fondly known as steamed mui choy kow yoke and steamed clam with garlic lime sauce are a crowd pleaser.

Mui Choy

Another classic would be steamed fish cooked in a spicy and sour sauce known as Teochew style. The best part about this dish is that you can pick from various fish types and it is either steamed or fried to suit one’s preference.

Teochew fish

Other must tries would be the delicious braised duck in soy sauce and steamed chicken that you may choose to eat with porridge or with fragrant rice.

Braised duck

The dry shrimp sambal paste and braise soy sauce is usually sought after with meals at Yesteryear as they go extremely well with the meats and porridge.

teochew porridge with various condiments

The picture above shows some of the must have condiments. Another favourite would be the mixed braised soya set that features innards, the likes of tofu, pork intestines, ear, belly, pig’s blood, and egg cooked in delicious soy sauce.

Mixed braised soya set

If you have not tried dining at Yesteryear, you must make a date soon!  It is open everyday from time to time.

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