Grasshopper celebrates three decades of showbiz with a new Mandarin album and concert tour 

IF anyone tells you that boybands don't last, they have probably never heard of Hong Kong's most enduring male group, Grasshopper, who are still going strong after more than three decades.

The group is celebrating their 31 years in showbiz with a new Mandarin album and concert tour, both titled Music Walker.

Grasshopper comprises brothers Calvin Choy, 51, and Remus Choy, 49, and their best friend Edmond So, 50, who made their debut in 3 985 during the 4th New Talent Singing Awards (now known as TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship) in Hong Kong. The flamboyant entertainers got their big break when the late Anita Mui took them under her wing, and they went on to mesmerise audiences in the 80s and 90s with their infectious brand of dance electronics.

Their Music Walker tour will kick off this October with a one-night show in Genting Highlands' Arena Of Stars, and in a recent phone interview from Hong Kong, the trio said they are very excited to play in Malaysia.

"Music Walker itself is a celebratory activity for us, Our album and concert are part of our celebrations, and the upcoming concert is one of our dreams. We've got new songs, new choreography, new costumes and a very exciting show planned. We each wrote one song so we will have solo performances as well."

There are 11 tracks, all their own compositions, in the new Mandarin album, which took them three years to produce. They also released a Cantonese theme song for the movie Line Walker> and are in the midst of recording their new Cantonese album while preparing for their concert in Malaysia. During the interview, they shared that their future projects will also include a documentary, a musical, a talk show, and even a cooking show.

One thing is for sure: Grasshopper is here to stay. In fact, they even claim that they will never disband. "To walk the path of music for 30 years is actually a very difficult thing to do, and we are very lucky we have managed to come this far. We will keep on going we hope to sing till we're 90, till we're 100 years old! We'll never stop in our musical journey!"

Music Walker Grasshopper In Concert will be held at Arena Of Stars, Genting Highlands on Oct 15 at 8.30pm. The show is organized by Resorts World Genting. Tickets are priced at RM650 (VIP), RM490, RM330, RM210, RM120. For ticket reservation and concert enquiries, call 032718 1118, or visit www.rwgenting.com

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