Resorts World Genting Mooncake 2016 云顶名胜世界中秋月饼 - by Tommy Tong


花好月圆庆中秋转眼间又到了年末,每年的Resorts World Genting 云顶名胜世界都会制作多款月饼欢庆这意义非凡的日子。这次介绍的是较独特的新口味月饼包括了Golden Jade with Lime and Nuts 翡翠金桔松子仁 ,Golden Jade with Buttermilk Custard 奶皇金翡翠, Sweet Corn Paste with Caramel Nuts and Cheese Jingsa 芝士栗子金蜀蓉 ,hite Lotus Paste with Dried Mandarin Orange Jingsa 白蓉陈皮蛋沙蓉 和 Light Snow Skin Mango with Pomelo 杨枝甘露饼皮等。最重要的是这里的月饼都少糖,适合一家大小老少咸宜。

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New Flavour Mooncakes @ Resorts World Genting - by Elana Khong


The Mid-Autumn Festival is here again! How time flies. Families and friends gathered to watch the moon, while indulging in the Mid-Autumn traditional delights, mooncakes. Besides the traditional favourite such as red bean paste mooncake, low-sugar white lotus paste, traditional lotus paste with single yolk, lotus paste with double yolk, Ng Yan [assorted nut mooncake] and Kam Tui (nuts and preserved fruit mooncake), green tea lotus paste and durian lotus paste, white lotus paste with black sesame yolk, Golden Jade with single yolk, Pu Er lotus paste with single yolk and blueberry paste mooncake with single yolk, this year Resorts World Genting introduces a more subtly creative options.

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Resorts World Genting Creative Mooncake Selections - by Miriam Goh


Hi my dear merry goers! Mid-Autumn Festival is arriving and on this night, the moon is supposed to be at its brightest and fullest; giving rise to the celebration's other name: Mooncake Festival. And what does Mooncake Festival mean? It means it's time to indulge in some mooncakes!

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