Crazy and fun ideas to try during the game
Glow in dark bowling
Playing bowling in bright light is just too cliché. Why not strike the pins in this unique glow in the dark bowling alley in RWG’s Genting Bowl. Equipped with 28 lanes, Genting Bowl is certainly a spot for thumping excitement for you and your family or friends.

Playing bowling in normal technique again it’s too cliché. Here are some fun crazy ideas worth the try that might bring extra joy during the game.

• Bowl with both eyes closed or blindfolded.
• Bowl with opposite hand. Use left hand if you are a right-hander or vice versa.
• Spin around a few times and get dizzy before bowling.
• Bowl backwards between own legs.
• Bowl between someone’s legs. 
• Bowl with one leg.
• Bowl in slow motion.
• Bowl by sitting on the floor.

Dark bowling alley
A look inside the glow in the dark bowling alley at Genting Bowl.

Level T2B, First World Plaza

Operating hours
12pm to 12am (Weekdays)
10am to 12am (Weekends, School Holidays & Public Holidays) 
*Glow in the dark available after 6pm

Game rates

Read more about Genting Bowl.

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