Weekend Retreat at Resorts World Kijal by Emily Lowe


The invitation for a vacation at Resorts World Kijal came at a most opportune time; right after wrapping up a book project which caused me to sit in front of the computer for ten months, no less. So, it was time to let my hair down and not think of work at all for three days.

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Resort World Kijal 走!一起去琪佳名胜世界看海龟啦!by 乐飞翔


说到东海岸的海边度假胜地,相信大部分的人都会联想到我国有名的热浪岛、浪中岛和停泊岛等,其实除了这些著名到常被老外朝圣的地方之外,在我国东海岸的登嘉楼(旧称丁加奴)的琪佳 (Kijal, Terengganu) 也有美丽的海岸线和度假村,是本地旅游的好去处。也许这地方对许多人来说有点陌生,而我多年前曾与家人来过此处度假,适逢接到琪佳名胜世界度假村的旅游邀请,正好让我有机会重温旧地!

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Percutian Menarik Dan Unik Di Resorts World Kijal Kuala Terengganu - by Diary Mama


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Beautiful Terengganu: Pleasurable Weekend in Resorts World Kijal, Terengganu - by Cleffariy 


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Guide to Fuss-Free Beach Holiday in Resorts World Kijal, Terengganu - by Garfield 


Sources by: http://garfield.in/2016/10/06/guide-to-fuss-free-beach-holiday-in-resorts-world-kijal-terengganu/

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