Digital Chaos triumphs at ESL One Genting

Biggest e-sports gaming event in Malaysia and first Dota 2 LAN Championship of 2017


It was indeed an awesome day at the Arena of Stars, Resorts World Genting in which the indoor stadium was packed with huge number of jubilant fans and supporters from Malaysia and abroad, having their eyes glued on the giant screens since 10am on the final day of the ESL One Genting tournament yesterday.


An enthralling five game series that lasted for approximately 7 hours comprising finalists Digital Chaos and Newbee fought indefatigable as both refused to give up and eyed a big slice of the US$ 250,000 prize money. At the end of the day, the energetic Digital Chaos were the better team and were crowned Champions of the ESL One Genting.


The ESL One Genting trophy stands highly in the middle of the stage.


Digital Chaos became the first team to win the Dota 2 LAN Championship of 2017 and scored their first significant international competition since their formation as a team back in 2016.


SirActionSlacks with some lively fans.


Team Fnatic thanking the crowd for their overwhelming support.


Impressive Malaysian teams - Fnatic and WG Unity together with other talented teams namely Virtus.Pro , Newbee , Team NP,  Digital Chaos, Execration and Wings Gaming were also battling it out for a prize pool of US$ 250,000 during this three day tournament.

The teams got down to business right away from the opening on bell at 12 noon last Friday and surprised their fans with their various game-plays and styles. Eight teams categorized in two respective groups: Group A and B consisting of four teams each were being announced as they were getting enthusiastic applause from their supporters.


The commentators of ESL One Genting giving out their views on the game. 


Day 1 of the series kicked off with Group A teams playing among one another and competing for the two slots in the semi-finals scheduled on 8 January (Sunday). As for the remaining teams, they took to the stations on Day 2 instead and battled their way into elimination and deciding matches.


Group A (Day 1) match-ups :-                             Group B match-ups :-

  • Virtus.Pro vs. Fnatic  [1-0]                            Digital Chaos vs. Execration [1-0]
  • Newbee vs. NP  [1-0]                                      Wings Gaming vs. WG.Unity [1-0]
  • Virtus.Pro vs. Newbee  [1-2]                        Digital Chaos vs. Wings Gaming  [2-1]


Day 2 of the series saw more teams going all out to make it to the semi-finals or got eliminated from the tournament. Teams that were previously defeated on Day 1 for both group A and B will have to battle it out and winners from each group advances to the semi-finals. As for Day 2 itself, teams competed in a ‘Best of 3’ game mode, where the 1st team to achieve 2 wins, advances to the next round.


Group A (Day 2) match-ups :-                             Group B (Day 2) match-ups :-

  • Fnatic  vs. Team NP  [0-2]                             Execration  vs. WG.Unity [2-1]
  • Virtus.Pro  vs. Team NP  [2-0]                     Wings Gaming  vs. Execration  [2-0]

Stepping foot into Day 3, Digital Chaos started the ball rolling with the opening game of the semi-finals against Virtus.Pro which ended up Digital Chaos advancing comfortably into the finals with a 2-0 victory against Virtus.Pro. On the other semi-finals match-up, Newbee fought tirelessly against another much persistent Chinese team, Wings Gaming as they finally managed to succumb to a 2-1 victory against them.

The Grand Finals kicked off at approximately 6pm on Sunday and ended in the early hours of Monday due to an enthralling five games series. The final teams’ persisted to fight relentlessly to be crowned champions. Chinese team, Newbee, drew first blood during the series as they took a 1-0 lead against Digital Chaos. Refusing to give in to the score, Digital Chaos took back a point in Game 2 before falling short in Game 3.

Newbee, who was in pole position to taste victory with a game point left, fell hard in Game 4 before conceding victory to North American team, Digital Chaos in Game 5 where at the end of the day, Digital Chaos were the much better team and had a play-style that could counter their worthy Chinese opponents. The sequence or breakdown on how the ‘Best of 5’ have taken place:-

  • Newbee  vs.  Digital Chaos          [1-0] -->  [1-1] -->  [2-1] -->  [2-2] -->  [2-3]

The word “gg” (good game) was called and DC deservedly claimed their first significant international trophy.

On the other hand, besides all this exciting match-ups, there were also recap of videos on the previous days and short interviews with players and fans, thus, there were also a Mannequin challenge that took place in the Arena of Stars during the break intervals.


Mentioning the break intervals, fans or spectators may scout around the misty bumpy road leading to Arena of Stars for wide range of food trucks , Red Bull and DiGi booths if they are to get some finger food or some ESL One Genting’s paraphernalia that could be used as remembrance that they attended this wonderful event at Resorts World Genting.

Last but not least, enclosed the ESL One Genting final standings and the prize money for the teams:


ESL One Genting final standings
1st                        Digital Chaos                                     - US$ 125,000
2nd                       Newbee                                               - US$ 50,000
3rd/4th                 Virtus.Pro                                            - US$ 22,500
3rd/4th                 Wings Gaming                                  - US$ 22,500
5th/6th                 Team NP                                             - US$ 10,000
5th/6th                 Execration                                           - US$ 10,000
7th/8th                 WarriorsGaming.Unity                  - US$ 5,000
7th/8th                 Fnatic                                                    - US $5,000


Digital Chaos : Resolution, MiSery, Saksa, MoonMeander, w33


Newbee : Kaka, Sccc, Faith, uuu9, kpii


Virtus.Pro : Solo, 9pashaebashu, No[o]ne, Lil, RAMZES666


Wings Gaming : y', shadow, bLink, Faith_bian, iceice


Team NP : EternalEnvy, Aui_2000, 1437, SVG, MSS


Execration : Kimo, Nando, Owa, Gabbi, DJ


Warriors Gaming Unity : Ah Jit, Nana, KaNG, ahfu, xNova


Fnatic : Febby, InYourDream, Mushi, Ohaiyo, YamateH


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