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Taiwanese rocker Wu Bai will be rocking Malaysia in April.

“My favourite place to sing is Malaysia!” Wu Bai declared during a recent group phone interview from Taipei, Taiwan. “I sang there last year, and also the year before that!”

This year, the undisputed King Of Chinese Rock will be celebrating his 25th year of music-making with his Malaysian fans again. On April 1, he will be playing at Genting Highlands in a show titled the Total Recall Wu Bai & China Blue 2017 Rock Hits Concert.

The Taiwanese rocker (real name Wu Chun-Lin) said he is always excited to play in Malaysia. “Every time I play in Malaysia, it brings me wonderful memories. And the feedback I get is great. When the organisers invited me again, I was more than happy to accept,” he said.

Since he plays in this country so often, Wu says he has to keep coming up with fresh ideas and try something new each time. This time, he will redo the visuals and revamp the opening programme, change the music arrangement, have new dance moves, invite some brass musicians, and sing new songs from his latest Taiwanese Hokkien album Nail Flower.

During the interview, Wu to asked Malaysian reporters to suggest a suitable Malaysian folk song for him to sing during the concert. “Apart from Rasa Sayang, which other songs would you all suggest is a good one to get everyone to sing together?” he asked.

In the end, it was suggested that he should do a rock version of Rasa Sayang so that everybody can enjoy singing together on a high note. Hearing that, Wu happily said: “Great, we can prepare that!”

After some prodding, he revealed that he would be performing five dance numbers during the show. That prompted media members to jointly exclaim aloud, “Wow! Five this time! So many dance songs!”

He quickly clarified, “No, I’m definitely not the one dancing. I’m a rocker!”

But does that mean he won’t he be dancing to his popular dance hit You Are My Flower then? “Oh well, maybe I’ll just gesture about a bit,” he laughed.

The 49-year-old Wu also added that he would be touring for the next three months. “It’s no joke to be touring for so long. I’ve to maintain my stamina with a variety of sporting activities including swimming and jogging everyday,” he lamented.

His band, China Blue, comprises Dean “Dino” Zavolta on drums, keyboardist Yu Ta-hao (aka “Big Cat”) and Chu Chien-hui on bass guitar.

The rocker, who regularly plays sold out shows in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Los Angeles, also dabbles in acting once in a while. This year, the Taiwanese rocker appears in two major films, Malaysian director Ho Yuhang’s Mrs K (which also stars Hong Kong actors Kara Wai and Simon Yam) as well as Hong Kong Tsui Hark’s The Thousand Faces Of Dunjia (a remake of Yuen Woo-ping’s 1982 actioner The Miracle Fighters).

When asked whether he had any more film projects in the pipeline, Wu said, “Acting in films is just a fun project I do with friends. It’s not something that I especially want to do. The schedule is too rushed. Moreover, filming can be rather tough. It’s more fun being a singer. I’m happier doing music; plus, I’m good at it,” said Wu, who has penned songs for many popular singers such as Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Faye Wong, Karen Mok, Vivian Hsu, Alan Tam, Nicholas Tse, and Jolin Tsai.

The Total Recall Wu Bai & China Blue 2017 Rock Hits Concert will take place at Arena Of Stars, Resorts World Genting on April 1 at 8.30pm. Tickets are priced from RM118. For ticket reservation and concert details, call 03-2718 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com.

Source from: http://www.star2.com/entertainment/music/music-news/2017/03/19/rocker-wu-bai-loves-to-sing-in-malaysia/


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