Monkey King saga to enthrall fans at RWG

The theatrical production showcasing astounding acrobatics and awesome 3D technology to be held from 11 November to 1 January

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Adventures of the Monkey King: The Golden-Hooped Rod, a stunning production that has been enthralling audiences with its sheer pageantry, will soon weave its magic again—this time at Resorts World Genting.

The dazzling stage production is a refreshing interpretation of the renowned Monkey King saga, and is bound to thrill with its astounding acrobatics combined with the visual feast created by the 3D special effects used.

“Every year, during the school holidays we want to bring in something new, different and exciting for the visitors coming up to Resorts World Genting. This year end, we are proud to present the Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe with their magical 3D theatre performance, “Adventures of the Monkey King: The Golden Hooped Rod”. The show is new, starting only in 2016, and the troupe has plans to tour in China exclusively before performing internationally. We saw the show, and it was exceptional, so we persuaded them to perform in Malaysia.” says Kevin Tann, Vice President of Promotions and Entertainment, Resorts World Genting.

The Monkey King is a mythological figure in Journey to the West, one of the most popular classical novels in China. The Adventures of the Monkey King: The Golden-Hooped Rod that will run from 11 November 2017 to 1 January 2018, presents a simple story of good versus evil that will nevertheless still charm its audience. To be held at Genting International Showroom, the 65-minute show is scheduled for 9pm daily with additional shows at 4pm, 5pm and 8pm on selected dates.


This theatrical production that will no doubt remind its viewers about the beauty of live theatre and culture, is another example of how the eternal battle between good and evil never gets old as a storyline. Performed by talents from all over China specializing in acrobatic performances, who are also members of the National Performing Art Troupe; the plot, though predictable, unfolds in a thrilling manner in this production.

Assistant General Manager of the Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe, An Nan gave a brief introduction of the troupe and the show. “Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe was founded back in 1957, and we have been around for 60 years now. It’s never been easy. With hard work and perseverance, we have performed in most of the states in China; we have also been to more than 40 countries including US, UK, France, Italy and Russia. The troupe has won numerous awards from acrobatic competitions, and also winning the highest honour at the festival, Président de la République prize at Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain (Worldwide Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow). Acrobatic has been around for more than two thousand years, and the actions challenge the limit of the body. With acrobatic moves, music and dance, magic tricks and 3D technology, Adventures of the Monkey King: The Golden Hooped Rod is bound to be a spectacular show happening in Resorts World Genting this November.”

Adapting the story of the Monkey King, the show has played in Nanjing Cultural Arts Centre, Lian Yun Gang Culture Artistic Centre, Nanjing Sun Palace and Shanghai Poly Theatre since 2016, receiving tremendous response. This will be their first performance out of China.

The story begins in the event after the Monkey King has claimed the Golden-Hooped Rod from the East China Sea. It is discovered that the enemy of the rod, Chi You, has also been released, and now intends to destroy it.

In order to battle Chi You, the Monkey King and the rod must work together and go through Mana Practice, an exercise that enhances one's life energy. The Monkey King manages to master the ability, but then the rod reveals its weakness—something that Chi You is also aware of.

As it turns out, Chi You manages to lure the rod back to the East Coast Sea and imprison it. This, of course, leads to the ultimate battle between the Monkey King and Chi You.

Tickets to enjoy the show are priced at RM176 (VIP), RM136 (PS1) and RM96 (PS2). Genting Rewards Card (GRC) members enjoy 10% discount.

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