Considered by some as Las Vegas of Malaysia, First World Hotel and Plaza is a three-star hotel at Resorts World Genting, a hill resort at the peak of Mount Ulu Kali, Pahang.

The First World Hotel building is easily identified by its vibrant and colourful facade. Besides being the world's largest hotel with 7,351 rooms, the hotel has set other amazing records. Here, we share with you six amazing facts about First World Hotel and Plaza.

#1 Two-time Guinness World Record holder

First World Hotel Guiness World Record

First World Hotel first earned the Guinness World Records™ for the world's largest hotel in 2006 with 6,118 rooms. However, it was overtaken by The Palazzo, an expansion of The Venetian (Las Vegas) in 2008 which had 7,117 rooms.  First World Hotel regained its title in 2015 after the completion of an extended building, Tower 2 Annex, which gave the hotel a total of 7,351 rooms.

#2 More than 2,000 employees running the operation

2,775 staff members

Don’t be surprised by the number of workforce needed to run the world's largest hotel. A total of 2,775 staff members are involved in the hotel’s operation. The workforce is spread over various departments such as Rooms Division, F&B, Casino, Theme Park, Security, Engineering, Tenancy, Warehouse and Human Resources.

#3 Largest pillar-less ballroom

Genting International Convention Centre

Another record breaker is the Genting International Convention Centre, the largest of its kind in the country with its pillar-less ballroom. With an area size of more than 150,000 sq ft, the Grand Ballroom and other 18 meeting rooms are able to accommodate up to 2,000 people (banquet-style), or up to 4,200 (theatre-style seating).

#4 Over 35.5 million guests for the past 9 years
That’s true. First World Hotel has received more than 35.5 million of guests for the past 9 years since its first record in 2006.

#5 Sophisticated laundry system
Laundry First World Hotel

The First World Hotel’s laundry is equipped with a sophisticated tunnel washer for continuous batch washing. This is also the first of its kind in South East Asia. The tunnel washer is geared with 68 machines and equipment that enable 40 tons of linen to be washed a day, which equivalent to 75,000 pieces a day.

#6 First Express Self Check-in Kiosk in South East Asia

Check in kiosk

Another “first” record by First World Hotel. Guests are able to do self check-in at these electronic kiosks located at the lobby, a process that takes only two minutes. The check out process is just as simple; insert your key into the machine and within eight seconds, you are checked out.

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