Have a Blast (Quite Literally) at Vision City!

Have a Blast (Quite Literally) at Vision City!

Bored of all the eating and shopping? Why not pay a visit to Vision City and Funtasy World Video Games Park at Genting Grand Hotel! There are a galore of video simulation machines, redemption machines, skills games, kiddie rides and children’s rides at Vision City for you to have a go at. 

Have a great time of fun and laughter with your family or get into the games by yourself. Here’s a few of the many games there that you can try your hand at:


Warm up at Danzbase and see how well you  can shake your hips to the song to wow the crowd! Everyone can have a go from kids to adults.


Nothing is better than the classics! Have a go at fishing for rubber ducks with Catch the Pirate and win a Santa toy too.


Test out what a great shot you are with Sharp Shooter. Show off your shooting skills and knock down the bowling pin and win a special prize.


Try out fun carnival games for kids and bring home some adorable plushies like this cute Santa hat penguin exclusively from Resorts World Genting if you’re lucky!


Jumping Balls is one that’s great for the kids. Just try get the ping pong balls into the hole, but it’s not as easy as it looks, mind you!


Fancy a Santa cushion to decorate your home? Go for Pyramid Tins and give your best toss to knock down the cylinders.


An easy game for the little ones, inflate the virtual balloon as fast as you can using the unique pump action controller. See the balloon burst before your eyes to reveal the points and tickets won. A good one for parents to have a go at with their kids, with Pump Ballon!


A game for music lovers at Vision City, MuziBox will wow you with its high definition screen and its repertoire of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Western songs. Keep tapping with your fingertips to follow the rhythm of the music. It also includes a live competitive play function for you to battle with other player the world over.


A game to decide the strongest animal on the earth, Animal Kaiser is a favourite of the little ones. The players choose an animal card for this card based game and watch the animals battle to be the winner against another player or the CPU component. \


An arcade version of the much loved video game, Super Street Fighter IV has multiple characters that will take to the ring for you for the ultimate battle. Will victory be yours?



A crowd favourite, there are tons of racing games for you to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you have a driving license here, you’re good to go! Based on the manga series from Japan, Initial DAA Stage 7 allows you to have real time battle between different countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Defeat the greatest rivals to become a driving ace.


The Fast & The Furious: Super Bikes is inspired by the hit movie series. Go to Monaco, Shanghai and Switzerland and slide through the curves to reach the finish line as the winner!


Cycle away with cute characters from Dream Bike!


Another classic at the arcades, see how many balls you can shoot into the hoop within the time given with Street Basketball.


This is the closest you’ll get to being a rebel pilot in the cult classic movie series with Star Wars: Battle Pod which features stunning graphics and makes for a thrilling game.


Shooting games are a must of course with Time Crisis 5. Control your players with the left and right pedals and don’t forget to load up on your ammo.


With a 4D effect, Monster Eye will thrill you as the seat shakes when you’re trying to shoot down the villains! Feel the breath of the monster upon your face as you go through 5 stages: China Town, Ocean Park, Forest Train, General Station and Secret Stage.


Players at Vision City need to use a EZiCash card to operate the various games through a cashless system. The cards may be purchased and topped up at any one of the kiosks. EZiCash credits are valid for 72 hours from the last activity and gifts may be converted into Redemption Points.


Vision City

Monday -Thursday: 10am - 12midnight

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Malaysian school holidays & public holidays:  9am -1am


For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com

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