Underprivileged children marvelled at dinosaurs and were mesmerised by Aladdin


Ms. Katherine Chew, Vice President of Resorts Communications and Public Relations with Padmasambhava Children

In the spirit of creating smiles on children’s faces, especially the less fortunate, Resorts World Genting recently invited a group of underprivileged children from three orphanages in the Klang Valley for a day of fun, joy and smiles. From frolicking in the snow to walking with dinosaurs to being amazed by 3-D animated holograms, it was a day to remember for a group of children who truly deserved the opportunity. 

The day began as the 130 children and minders boarded the bus and mingled on the journey up the mountain. In the spirit of muhibbah, the three orphanages were Rumah Amal Asnaf Al-Barakh, Gurpuri Foundation and Padmasambhava Children Home. With their heads in the clouds, the children were greeted by the Resorts World Genting’s team when they arrived.


Padmasambhava n Rumah Asnaf Al-Barakh Children

Mixing together as a group full of laughs and anticipation, the children were ushered towards the SkyAvenue mall. The first stop was at Snow World, an indoor European winter wonderland that beckoned the children to dance around snowmen, frolic under festive lights and whoosh down a slippery slope in a toboggan. After shedding their winter jackets, boots and gloves, the group then entered the Alive Museum. Packed with 3-D perspective images and dioramas, the kids shrieked with laughter as they pretended to walk on a floating island, explore the vast reaches of outer space and surf on a giant wave. The last stop took everyone back in time, walking among dinosaurs at the Jurassic Centre. Dwarfed by towering Brachiosaurs, hunted by Velociraptors and in awe of the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, the group also learnt about various species of dinosaurs and the painstaking science of palaeontology.

The verdict from the children was a resounding success. “I love the Snow World! I have always wanted to see snow and now I have! It was even more magical than I thought it would be,” said Muhd Daynish Al-Sambas Bin Yusof from Rumah Amal Asnaf Al-Barakh. The dinosaurs at Jurassic Centre, however, left the deepest impression on Charanpal Singh A/L Satpal SINGH from Gurpuri Foundation. “I think I want to become a dinosaur scientist when I grow up,” he said. “It would be so cool to have a dinosaur named after me!”


Ms. Katherine Chew, Vice President of Resorts Communications and Public Relations, Cast of Aladdin & Children of Padmasambhava, Rumah Asnaf Al-Barakh & Gurpuri Foundation

To recharge after all that activity, dinner was served at Coffee Terrace, with the children wowed by the huge buffet selection, ranging from Malaysian favourites like satay to Western treats like fried chicken and potato chips. Happy and sated, the merry group then marched down to the Genting International Showroom, where they sat silent and rapt with attention for almost an hour at the Aladdin and The Magic Lamp stage show. Produced by China’s DT Kids Theatre, the show uses 3-D holographic projections to interact with live actors, creating mesmerising effects like tornadoes of sand and colourful magical explosions. Once the show was over, the children got together with the cast for a group photo.

Just when the children thought it was over, the hosts decided to give them an ultimate surprise. The children and caretakers were guided to the Awana Skyway station for their last stop. Questions were asked but the hosts kept quiet and kept walking. As the children saw the cable cars, they started jumping in excitement, and tired faces turned into glowing smiles. In the cable car ride down, some held on to their caretakers while others were busy snapping away the night lights in the highlands. All in all, the children felt that the ride down to Awana station was short and wanted more.

All good things must come to an end, and as the group headed back towards their bus, the children and their Resort World Genting hosts exchanged warm goodbyes, having grown close after spending a wonderful day together.

“Seeing the children here today and seeing their glowing smiles is so heart-warming,” said Katherine Chew, Vice President of Public Relations and Communications for Resorts World Genting. “At Resorts World Genting, we love to share the experience and joy offered at the resort, especially with children who may not enjoy the same privileges in life as others. Our program will continue throughout the year and we hope that no child will be left out from the joy that Resorts World Genting can bring.”

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