Where better to seek enlightenment or pray to God if not high up in the mountains with their spiritual significance? Chin Swee Caves Temple, located some 4,000 ft above sea level, is where you can comfortably ease into this state of mind as you ponder the many celestial beings depicted here.

Like previous years, this year's Chinese New Year celebration means wondrous sights and sounds to behold at the temple. A series of activities are in store to usher in the new Year of the Monkey—the main feature being 50 stalls offering various products, from food to paraphernalia.

Whether you are in the mood for quiet reflections or to engage in merriment, the Chinese New Year Carnival at Chin Swee Caves Temple should be enjoyable. The carnival is held from 8th to 14th February 2016, 10am to 8pm.

This period also marks the birthday of Chin Swee Deity. Prayers are conducted at the Prayer hall at Level 7C and devotees often bring offerings to the deity before commencing prayer.All are welcome to join in.

Chin Swee Deity

Devotees bring offerings such as Huat Kueh, fruits, dumplings, meat, mee suah, and sweet and savoury delicacies to the deity.  Each offering symbolises prosperity. Mee suah and noodles, for instance, means wishing for longevity while Huat Kueh in Hokkien means seeking prosperity .

Resorts World Genting has been organizing the event annually for more than 40 years and the Chin Swee Deity Birthday celebration is held on the 6th day of Chinese New Year. Like previous years, prayer packages offered to devotees this year included Premium Package at the price of RM2,600 and Normal Package at RM1,200. The offerings consisted of food, flowers, joss paper, fruits, red coloured eggs, longevity noodles, candles and white wine, among others. The Premium Package included a roasted pig while the Normal Package included sliced pork.

As expected, the response from the public was overwhelming—a total of 48 prayer tables were sold—29 tables for Premium Package and 19 tables for Normal Package.

The elaborate ceremony commenced with a prayer—a call or invitation to the Chin Swee Deity from heaven at 11pm.

The prayer ceremony

The prayer ceremony led by a Taoist Master and accompanied by Chin Swee Caves Temple committee members  who are also the Senior Management of RWG, namely Dato’ Vincent Teh, AVP of Casino Marketing (VIP Services), Mr Lim Thean Chye, AVP of Surveillance, and Miss Lina Ting.

Birthday celebration by the devotees

The birthday celebration of Chin Swee Deity is celebrated on the 6th day of Chinese New Year with such offerings as pig, goat, chicken, fish, fresh fruits, vegetables and cakes from the devotees.

The deity’s birthday prayer held at 12pm sees devotees and members of the public coming together to celebrate the auspicious day. They pray for good health, prosperity in business, good luck and wealth for the coming year.

Appearance of Choy San Yeh

Resorts World Genting ‘Choy Sen Yeh’ (God of Prosperity) is also present at the celebration, giving out goodies to devotees at the temple.

Large group of devotees

The ceremony continues with prayers at 1.30pm with three different sessions.  The first session, Prayer to the ‘God of Heaven’ is followed by ‘Rewarding the Troops,' and then ‘Secure the Censer.’

Prayer to the God of Heaven: The Taoist Master invites the gods from heaven to come join the celebration for Chin Swee Deity’s birthday.

Rewarding the Troops: A ritual where 36 divine generals are invited to partake in the rewarding ceremony. During the ritual, joss paper and rice wine are offered to the celestial soldiers for their efforts in safe guarding the community.

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