Award Winning Magician World Famous Silent Mentalist Aaron Crow - Exclusive Preview at Resorts World Genting

With his unusual brand of magic, surely Aaron Crow is in a league of his own. Lovers of such shows would want to make a date with the world famous Silent Mentalist, as he is known.

Aaron's new resident show is scheduled to be held at Resorts World Genting from 18th March to 15 May. Titled “Fearless! Cheating Death Nightly,” it will have the audience at the edge of their seats—as all his shows have so far achieved.

We are proud to have Aaron at Resorts World Genting recently for an exclusive preview of his show. The preview was joined by 20 Facebook contest winners and 20 bloggers, and gave a glimpse of his formidable skills as a magician.

During the preview show, a few members of the audience were selected for an up-close-and-personal experience of “cheating death” with Aaron Crow. In one of his acts, he swallowed tiny needles and a string. He then pulled out the rope, revealing needles that were tied to knots on it!

Aaron Crow fearless actMembers of the audience are invited for an up-close-and-personal experience with Aaron Crow

Another act that had our hearts beating fast was Supravision where Aaron dripping candle wax on his closed eyes before blindfolding himself. He then proceeded to cut a pineapple that was on a volunteer's head while blindfolded. As to be expected, this act had members of the audience holding their breath—the  showroom was so quiet you would have been able to hear a pin drop. But trust the Silent Mentalist to deliver the goods: within a split second, the pineapple was cut in half and no one was harmed. 

Dripping candle

Dripping candle wax on his closed eyes

Sword act
The pineapple is cut in half in just a split second

The exclusive preview lasted for about an hour, and the Facebook contest winners and bloggers had group photos taken with Aaron Crow before leaving.

Tickets for “Fearless! Cheating Death Nightly” (Genting International Showroom from 18 March to 15 May, 9pm and 4pm) are priced at RM78 (PS2), RM98 (PS1) and RM118 (VIP).

The Early Bird promotion till 17 March sees Genting Rewards Card members getting 30% discount while non-members receive 20% discount.

For more information, visit or call 03-2718 1118

Aaron Crow, the formidable magician

Aaron Crow
Aaron Crow

Often called Mental Artist Extraordinaire or Silent Mentalist, Aaron Crow was ranked first at the World Championship of Magic, the largest competition of its kind that is held every three years. There, he battled against 150 other world renowned acts in front of a crowd of 2,500 people.

Aaron’s appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent” wowed both the audience and judges. Even the infamous and dreaded Simon Cowell commented, “That’s a great act. I love the idea of watching something where there is a possibility that someone could actually die.” And during his live show performance, Aaron even trended worldwide on Twitter.

Aaron Crow Fearless
“Fearless!” is a show with the positive theme of facing and overcoming our fears. Aaron Crow—a  warrior with a mission—said, “We can all overcome our fears, we can all become stronger. The time is now: A new year, a new you, a fearless you.”

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