Followers participated in the bathing of Buddha, offerings and fundraising

wes2Wesak, the most important festival in the Buddhist calendar, took place on Wednesday, May 29—and on this day, devout Buddhists attend their local temple to perform prayers. The day celebrates Buddha’s birth, death and enlightenment. At Resorts World Genting, the Genting Buddhist Group held a number of prayers and activities in conjunction with Wesak Day.

Held at the Genting International Convention Centre (GICC), First World Hotel from 28 to 29 May, the Wesak Day celebration included a two-day prayer ceremony conducted by the Venerable Fa Quan from the Da Yuan Jiang Tang Temple in Johor. There were also presentations of the Buddha's Relic from India, a blessing ceremony and the Dharma Discourse. There was also a display of Bodhi, sala leaf and soil that originated from India during the Buddha’s era. Followers then enjoyed a special vegetarian lunch at 12pm on 29 May.


The Wesak Day celebration at Resorts World Genting also included a series of events including prayers, meditation and chanting sessions, and lamp-lighting. The bathing of the Buddha ceremony is a main highlight, symbolising the elimination of the three evils—Greed, Hatred and Ignorance. The followers also partook in the offering of food to Buddha as well as an individual and mass family refuge of the triple gems.


Visitors were also encouraged to participate in the Buddha bathing ceremonies held at Chin Swee Temple, 13th Floor Sky Terrace, from 26 to 30 May, 8am to 6pm. 


Besides prayers, the Genting Buddhist Group also conducted a fundraising campaign for the Bangladesh and India Kolkata New Buddhist Temple in line with practicing compassion following the traits of the Buddha. 

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