The star of ’Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning’ is a sea turtle.

Young visitors to Resorts World Genting’s SkyAvenue will find an unlikely star in a sea turtle this coming holidays.

Known as Ning (which means peace in Chinese), this computer graphic character lives within the three-storey-high LED screens of the resort’s lifestyle mall and is head of a ragtag orchestra in the ocean.

The four-minute musical sees Ning, the sea turtle standing on the broken wheel of a sunken ship, commanding puffers, angel fishes, corals and sea shells to chime in rhythm with his baton.

It is a panoramic spectacle complete with live back-up dancers set amid a background of giant stingrays and humpback whales weaving in and out of the atrium’s LED columns.

“This show weaves CG animation, music and the latest in light technology. It sets new standards for entertainment,” said theme park senior vice-president Brian Machamer.

The giant LED screens were initiated at the beginning of 2016 and cost RM28mil.


Back-up dancers add sizzle to the show.

Promotions and entertainment assistant vice-president and project leader Roger Ong, said delivering the 360-degree experience required the screens to be wrapped around the columns and rings of the building.

“Designing the wraparound screens was arduous as the screen layout necessitated the use of small LED modules as opposed to larger pieces in order to achieve image smoothness. Each LED module was put into place piece by piece. We utilised hundreds of thousands of pieces,” said Ong.

Coming together with the screen installation is the latest in sound technology which enables volume control to be set differently according to areas. Hidden microphones read noise levels in different locations and automatically sets music levels and volume for optimal sound.

Running on screen this May in time for the school holidays, Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning is developed by Genting Studios under the SkySymphony series of free performances for the public.

There are now three other shows – Forest, where endangered species in South-East Asia come to life; Urban Symphony, a light-hearted take on city life and The Goddess, a narrative about the beauty of creation.

Show times are on every hour beginning from 10am to midnight.

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