Back to mesmerise fans ... Il Divo (From L) Marin, Miller, Izambard, and Bühler.

In 2003, an all-male quartet named Il Divo took the world by storm. Not only were singers Urs Bühler (from Switzerland), Carlos Marín (Spain), David Miller (the US), and Sébastien Izambard (France) easy on the eye, but they also sang brilliantly.

Its music is called ‘popera’, or operatic pop, in which classical and pop music come together.

Put together and promoted by music producer Simon Cowell, Il Divo has since released 10 albums, including Il Divo (2004), Wicked Game (2011), A Musical Affair (2013), Amor & Pasión (2015) and the latest, Timeless (2018).

As part of the promotional tour for its latest album, Il Divo will be making a concert stop at the Arena of Stars, Resorts World Genting, this Oct 7 at 8.30pm.

In a recent tele-conference interview with Izambard in London, the singer said their current tour is different from previous tours because Timeless features evergreen songs like Smile, Unforgettable, Love Me Tender, All of Me and Hola (the Spanish person of Adele’s Hello).

Also, expect solo performances by each member of the group, as well as dancing on stage, he said, though he laughingly added: “I won’t call us dancers, that would be a little bit arrogant. But we can definitely make some moves.”

Over the years, he said the group dynamics has changed.

“It is like a marriage. We got to know each other, we have to have to make decisions together, and we also started managing our band, which is unusual for bands these days.

“We have started self-producing our own records, and even directing our own videos.”

This tour will take the group into 2019, and Izambard can’t predict what they will be doing next in terms of music.

“We all bring something to our band. Right now, we have to do that because we are managers, so, even more so. We don’t always agree on things. So what we do is take a vote, and if three of us vote on something, that goes through.”

Ironically, Izambard never thought he had a good voice. “I think a good voice is having a good soul.

“Do you sing with your mind or do you sing with your heart?

“To me a good voice is not [about] technique. A good voice is about emotion. I think it is being connected to ourselves.”

For tickets to the Il Divo Timeless Tour Live in Genting 2018, visit the Resorts World Genting website.

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