Food is always a guaranteed part of the occasion. In fact, we can’t celebrate Chinese New Year without feasting. Chinese traditions dictate that there are certain dishes that everyone must eat during the celebrations. For this Year of Boar 2019, Genting Place and Ming Ren are offering a spread of auspicious dishes.

While each family has their own specialties for the Lunar New Year, there are several common dishes. Talented chefs have come up with an extensive menu of set dishes and that incorporates prosperous sounding ingredients to invite good luck in this year.


Top 3 recommended dishes from Genting Palace:


Double-boiled Murrill Fungus and Dried Scallop with Deer Root and Fresh Weishan Pottage:

The ingredients impart a rich sweetness to the soup that will indulge your appetite that comes in its own individual serving bowl, kept warm with a tea-light candle burning underneath.


Traditional Marited Mountain Free Range Chicken:

Prepare using mountain free range chicken that was fed with horsetail and corn. The chicken has a very chewy, leaner texture and less fatty. It was simmered slowly in a pot of fine soy sauce for 35 minutes to allow the flavor penetrate the meat. The dark brown chicken looks delicious and thoroughly enjoyable.


Stir-Fried Golden Sea Prawn & Oat with Salted Egg & Butter

Combination of both salted egg and butter flavor bring out a new flavor and way to upgrade the prawns. The dish is satisfyingly crunchy and sinfully good.

Top 3 recommended dishes from Ming Ren:


Steamed Red Snapper with Garlic and Preserved Radish

A lean, moist fish with a firm texture steams which fried garlic and preserved radish. The sweetness of fish blended well with the sauce.


Barbeque Sauce Deep-fried Seafood Cake

Golden fried seafood cake with soft and tender texture cover by barbeque sauce is good to eat with rice. 

CNYD 06 

Sauteed Assorted Vegetables with Scallops and Ham

Stir fry colorful mixed vegetable with scallops and ham, it taste refreshing and not greasy

Set menus are available from Jan 4 to Feb 19 for lunch and dinner, starting at RM588 (four pax), plus a limited a la carte menu. Pre-Chinese New Year or Sau Kong set menus are also available from Jan 2 to 31 (lunch and dinner) at RM 1,388 and RM1,888.


Location: Genting Palace, Level 2, Genting Grand


Operation Hours: 12pm – 2.30pm , 6.00pm -9.30pm


For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit



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