A Dim Sum Affair

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When you see or think of a small steamer basket you end up fantasizing about your favourite go to dim sum place. And that is something totally understandable as it's a great meal to share between friends and family, from the perfectly steamed siew mai dumplings to the deep fried yam puff. There is always something for someone!

Dim Sum 101

It is believed that Dim Sum has been around for a few centuries now. Many have associated Dim Sum with Cantonese cuisine but that is not the case as it is believed to have originated from Northern China. Back in the day Dim Sum was only made available to the emperor as dishes like Dim Sum are considered a luxury only a few could afford. As time progressed, it became available in tea houses too along the prominent Silk Road.

Fun fact, dim sum directly translates to “touch the heart” and linked to the Cantonese phrase “yum cha” which simply means drink tea. A word that is oh so common in today’s vocabulary. 

In The Now

It is safe to say dim sum plays an essential part in Chinese culture and is a hit not only in Asian countries but Western too. These delicious baked, fried, and steamed selections vary in terms of filing, pastry, and shape in different regions it comes from. Labelled as popular are the ones from Southern China, Canton, and Hong Kong.

For those who come to Resorts World Genting and want to have a yum cha date can be rest assured that Genting Palace is the place to do so for afternoon dim sum. A family friendly restaurant perfect for lunches, dinners, and even business meetings. The restaurant prides itself on high-quality Chinese cuisine that not only features dim sum but also double-boiled soups, an array of meat, vegetables and even desserts.

Genting Palace

You’re All that and Dim Sum

Quite the pun, but on a more serious note here are the top 13 signature dim sum dishes in Genting Palace that follow a very traditional recipe with daily supply of fresh seafood and in house sauce comprising of shrimp paste.

Oven Baked Egg Tart - RM12

Egg Tarts

A smooth custard surface with delicious egg filling and crispy pastry that perfectly crumble when you bite in. If you are worried about your sugar control fret not as it is not overly sweet.

Deep Fried Yam Puff (Wukok) - RM12

fried yam

Now this can be rather sinful but certainly worth it- fried yam with minced char siew and vegetables inside. 

Steamed Prawn Dumpling (Hargow) - RM18

Prawn Dumpling

Translucent skin wrapped around fresh and juicy prawns inside, a sight to behold

Steamed Siew Mai Dumpling- RM18

Siew Mai

 A mix of prawns, pork meat and fats topped with fish roe.

Fried Radish Cake with Bean Sprouts and Egg- RM12

Fried Radish Cake

A dish that is packed with a burst of flavours from the soft radish cake to the crunchy bean sprouts and perfectly set eggs

Deep Fried Prawn Dumpling Served With Mayonnaise Sauce- RM18

Fried prawn dumpling

Very addictive that you will be wanting more as its skin is perfectly crispy while the prawn mixture inside is nice and moist

Steamed Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce - RM18

Braised spare ribs

Steamed spare ribs with flavourful sauce

Steamed Chicken Feet - RM12

Braised chicken feet

A crowd pleaser, the chicken feet are not only crunchy and delicious but is said to be a good source of collagen

Steamed Char Siew Bun - RM12

Char Siew Pao

A very popular char siew filled bun that will have you going for a second piece

Che Cheong Fan- RM18

Prawn Che Cheong Fan

Che cheong fan comes in different variations, this one sees prawns filled to the brim with bok choy vegetables at the side and atop soy sauce, and this is usually eaten with shrimp paste

Deep Fried Sesame Balls- RM10

Fried sesame balls

Fried glutinous rice flour balls filled with red bean paste and coated with sesame seeds

Deep Fried Cheese Rolls - RM15

Fried cheese rolls

Talk about cheese melting in your mouth this is the perfect cheese fried deep roll to indulge in.

We guarantee once you have a taste of each of these dim sum dishes you would certainly want more. So do head over early for lunch to get yourself a seat at the ever popular Genting Palace located on Level 2, Genting Grand.

Do take note of the operation hours whereby lunch is served daily from 12:00PM until 2:30PM and dinner 6:30PM until 9:30PM.

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