Fish and Chips with a Touch of Asian

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The chippy is a popular dish that originated from the streets of London in 1910 when there were only a little over 25,000 shops all over the United Kingdom. Fast Forward two decades later the number has increased significantly. Currently fish and chips are a classic that sees little variations in different parts of the world but what makes this dish a favourite is how something simple like fish and chips ticks all the boxes in a dish. From its delicious flaky fish fried in batter to perfection to the delicious double cooked chips and tartar sauce.

The History

Laughing Fish by Harry Ramsden is renowned for their fish and chips in the UK since 1928 and it is no surprise that Resorts World Genting was keen to have the franchise here in Malaysia. Before Harry Ramsden had taken off the restaurant started off as a small stripped wooden hut beside a tramp stop in 1928 and progressed to holding the record for the largest fish and chips shop in the world accommodating more than 250 people and serving nearly a million customers a year.

What makes it Special?

The iconic fish and chips is the first and only fish and chips franchise in Malaysia straight out of the United Kingdom. “The fish and chips uses the same recipe by Harry Ramsden himself with a secret batter that is sent to us to prepare the fish,” said Chef Mohanakrishna sous chef of Laughing Fish. According to him this secret batter contains no egg and sees water with a temperature of less than 5 degrees Celsius used in order to give it the texture that is has.

fish and chips outside

The fish is flown in from the North Atlantic. In order to retain the freshness of the cod and haddock slices they are packed separately so it will not be stuck onto each other. Chef Mohanakrishna of Laughing Fish has up to 19 years of experience in the food and beverage industry where he started off his career in the industry here at The Olive.

The English Pub Experience

Casual dining at its finest so to speak, this restaurant will transport its diners to United Kingdom but set at Resorts World Genting’s SkyAvenue’s bar street. With its cold wind, delicious fish and chips and occasional solo and duet music performance direct from UK, one will feel as if they are really dining in UK.

interior of laughing fish

side entrance of lf

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Must try

fish and chips inside on the table

top view of fish and chips

The fish and chips here are served with a special curry sauce that is not out of a bottle but instead features our homegrown recipe that includes Babas curry powder, Madras curry powder, and mango chutney to name a few. Alternatively if you want to go all out and instead of just having it as a sauce by the side then order the Laughing Fish Curry which will see the fish either haddock or cod fried and immersed in the homemade curry sauce.

Aside from the Laughing Fish Curry, the green peas mashed is a favourite as that features peas that are prepared from scratch. To end a perfect meal what better way than to have the thirst quencher called the Signature Sparkling Lemon made by Resorts World Genting very own mixologist Pranill Sam. This drink now is available Harry Ramsden restaurants across UK too.

green peas mashed

signature sparkling lemonade

Sharing is Caring

When choosing your fish dish, whether it be the light and flaky cod, or the flavourful chunky haddock, do note the sharing option available called the legendary! If not you can go for the regular or large.

legendary cod shaing platter

If fish does not entice your taste buds you can consider having the grilled beef bangers, burgers, or even the 250g sirloin steak. The restaurant is vegetarian friendly as it also sees a vegetarian pie on the menu.

Now that you know what Laughing Fish by Harry Ramsden has to offer, do find them located on the fourth floor of Sky Avenue open deck on the same row as Highline Rooftop Market.

Operation hours is as follows:

Sunday to Thursday: 12pm – 11pm

Friday to Sunday: 12pm– 1am

Whilst the takeaway outlet operates from:

Sunday to Thursday: 12pm-12am

Friday to Sunday: 12pm -1am

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