A Halloween Experience at Resorts World Genting

worm brain

Drink and be merry as Halloween will soon be upon us. With that said Resorts World Genting is turning the scream on up in the chilly mountains with an eerie food and beverage guide. The likes of spooky cocktails at Highline Rooftop Market and various bites at Skytropolis. As for Halloween cocktail specials, the following are some of the must-haves at Highline Rooftop Market’s Back In Time bar.

Highline Rooftop Market Entrance

Brain Worm

brain jagermeister

Though it comes in a small skull glass, be warned that this drink is rather strong as it consists of Jägermeister and Midori liquor.If consuming sip by sip seems to be a challenge then, by all means, do proceed to take it as a shot. Adorned at the rim of the glass is a jelly-like worm which helps after drinking the shot. Alternatively, you can eat the decorative piece before drinking the Brain Worm.

Crystal Skull

crystal skull

Jägermeister fans are in for a treat with this concoction that sees hints of calamansi lime juice, dark rum, activated charcoal, sugar, and salt. Both the Crystal Skull and Devil’s Dunny possess not only a refreshing taste but is also sweet. Not as strong as the Brain Worm but still as effective.

Devil’s Dunny

highline cocktail

Another of Jägermeister’s poison this one comprises of lime juice, dark rum, Asam Boi Syrup, sugar, and salt. It comes in a cute toilet bowl mug with the dark liquid poured right up to the brim. For those who prefer sweet-tasting cocktails, then this would be right up your alley. Fret not about the asam boi syrup as it does not overpower the other ingredients neither is it very sour.

Mad Mary’s Potion

Mad Mary's Potion

What’s not to love about a classic Bloody Mary that dates back to the 1920s? The bloody mary comes in a 2-litre cocktail tower which features essential ingredients such as Vodka, Campbell tomato juice, asam boi, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, calamansi lime, salt, and black pepper. Of course there are different variations to a Bloody Mary but they all do not stray far from the original recipe.

The drinks mentioned above come in Halloween glasses that you can bring home with for memorabilia.  From drinks to bites, Resorts World Genting has you covered. Onto the eerily interesting bites that can be found at SkyTropolis Kiosk at Level 1, Fun Land. 

fairy floss kiosk

staff at think pink

The two picture above sees Pop Corn and Fairy Floss Kiosk along with Think Pink. Pop Corn and Fairy Floss Kiosk comprises of Halloween bucket popcorn whilst Think Pink features sweet treats such as brownies called Death dessert to Witch’s Finger that sees pistachio bread cookies, and red velvet cupcakes named Bloody Brain cupcake.


Aside from that, you can also get your hands on beautifully decorated cookies, the likes of cobweb inspired cookies to Halloween bats, Casper ghost and little monster design ones.

halloween inspired cookies

From cookies to maki roll and sushi ball salmon aptly named Baby Ghost Buster and Sushi Monster respectively can be found in Bites and Delights. If you’re a fan of chocolate donuts then do make sure to try out Frankenstein Monster.

For those who are not to keen on sweet treats can opt for local pastries that features Mummy Wrap which is a hot dog or a Ghost Pumpkin Pie. With that said we would like everyone to have the best of both worlds with our cocktails and treats here up in Resorts World Genting.



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