Get your lobster fix at Resorts World Genting

At Resorts World Genting we have numerous eateries to pick from but we have decided to fine tune the search to seafood and slightly finer to crustaceans with this must have lobster compilation when one is up here. In this regard there are an array of lobster dishes one can find, the likes of Burger and Lobster, Seasons, Ltitude Lounge, and FuHu amongst the many others.

Burger and Lobster

burger and lobster logo

Burger and lobster entrance

Burger and lobster dining area

Burger and Lobster a prominent label from London is still the crowd favourite here in Resorts World Genting since its opening in 2016.  What makes Burger and Lobster outlet here special aside from it being the first branch in South East Asia, is their Chilli Lobster dish that was specially curated by Chef Oliver Lopez. Due to it being a hit here and a signature on the local menu, London’s Burger and Lobster had added this dish to their menu too.

Talk about starting something. The Chilli Lobster at Burger and Lobster as seen in the picture comes with brioche bread that is freshly baked by the in-house. The dish itself can be considered a portion for two and is really a treat for your tastebuds. Many are familiar with the Asian styled chilli crab which is a tomato based dish with a hint of spicy, sweet, and sour. Similar to that Chef Lopez had created this dish and it accurately ticks all the boxes. It wasn’t overpoweringly sweet with a good amount of chili to it as many places tend to make their chili dishes sweet and forget about the savoury notes. Preference certainly plays a role.


The lobsters served at Burger & Lobster are all air flown from Canada.  They are great not only as a Chili Lobster dish but equally delicious when grilled or steamed. 

For those wondering what drink to have while devouring the Chili Lobster, do try both the Time Keeper and Ginger Soda. The Time Keeper is an iced lemon tea drink similar to that served at the mamak stalls.  One would automatically fall in love with it and especially if you are a fan of something refreshing and zesty. The Time Keeper comprises of calamansi cordial and concentrate, black tea, palm sugar, and calamansi lime. Mixologist Pranill Sam of Highline Rooftop Market had come up with this concoction which is also featured on the menu in London. The drink is presented in a plastic with a straw inside like how you would be served a takeaway drink at a mamak stall.

timekeeper edited

The Ginger Soda on the other hand is not only refreshing but also stronger in terms of taste notes with its pure ginger blend that gives it that spicy and pungent taste to it. With additional ingredients that include lemon and lime juice, calamansi lime and sprite garnished with a lime leaf the Ginger Soda drink certainly leaves an impact on you.

[ginger soda edited

Burger and Lobster can be found in SkyAvenue Level 1 with the following opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Friday: 11:00am -12:00am

Saturday: 9:00am - 12:00am

Sunday: 9:00am - 10:00pm


Genting Grand Hotel guests can take delight in feasting at Seasons a restaurant that features exceptional Chinese cuisine all day long. For those who are not staying at the Genting Grand Hotel will need to make reservations to dine there. The restaurant prides itself on its signature braised live lobster noodles among its many other dishes. The braised live lobster noodles can serve up to three people and sees fresh Boston lobster used. 

lobster at seasons

With up to 20 years of cooking experience beneath him Chef Pio Junior De Souza takes his cooking very seriously and always pays attention to the guests that dine at Seasons. It could be the littlest thing such as how fast they eat the dish and if there is any leftovers or not. According to Chef Pio Junior De Souza the noodles that come with the braised lobster goes through three steps of cooking before being served. One of which is to ensure the noodles is softened before being fried and finally braised. 

What makes the braised live lobster noodles a must have is the way it is prepared to perfection and is topped off with some Shaoxing wine which would be the key ingredient in this dish that not only lends the dish an enticing aroma but also gives it that vinegary and caramelized taste to it. The dish is served with the lobster atop of the noodles along with the bok choy vegetables carefully arranged around the dish.

What a sight to behold!

lobster at seasons

Ltitude Lounge

ltitude ent

Nestled in Genting Grand’s Hotel, Ltitude Lounge can be found inside of the elite Genting Grand Club. If you’re a regular at Genting Club’s casino then you ought to know this fine dining restaurant. The vibe that you sense upon stepping into the lounge is that it’s a place that is frequented by those with refined taste. Think a gentleman’s club offering cigars, premium spirits, and exquisite dishes. 

ltitude open kitchen

The Ltitude Lounge interior is luxurious with an open kitchen, a private room for events, and a balcony that oversees the outdoor theme park. Some say its a million dollar view!

A must have lobster dish from the Ltitude’s Lounge menu is the curry lobster. The common misconception when the word curry is mentioned is it being a spicy dish filled with curry to the brim but that is not the case with this dish.

curry lobster

The curry lobster here is a dry yet creamy curried version and one which is mild tasting in terms of spiciness and cooked with various spices giving it that fusion twist. You can think of it as a buttermilk variation as well. Key ingredients in the lobster curry include evaporated milk, turmeric, curry leaves, cumin, and coriander to name a few. 

side profile curry lobster

When the dish is served, the first thing one would notice is how fragrant it is from the curry leaves atop the lobster to the evaporated milk and spices it's cooked in. Due to it being a dry curry, the gravy is little but Chef Teo advises that in order to have more gravy he would need to increase the amount of evaporated milk in it which will end up diluting the dish. Hence he sticks to a strict ratio.

Guests can opt to eat the lobster either with rice or on its own, the choice lies entirely up to them.

The lobsters used are American lobsters and usually weighs about 550grams to 650grams and is fresh out of Resorts World Genting’s in-house kitchen. 

Chef Teo Kheng Soon has two decades of experience in the food and beverage industry and specializes in fine dining, leaning more towards western and fusion. Although being good at western cuisine, Chef claims to love cooking local dishes the most. He enjoys taking the liberty of fine tuning the offerings on the menu to ensure the food meets the guests’ needs and also to create a memorable gastronomic experience.

For those who want to indulge in the delicious offerings of Ltitude Lounge can do so from 12pm until 4am. 

FuHu Restaurant and Bar

fuhu entrance

Zouk Group opened their first-ever restaurant named FuHu Restaurant and Bar in Resorts World Genting and it has been widely talked about since. The name FuHu in Mandarin means lucky tiger and it solely focuses on contemporary Chinese cuisine with elements of traditional Chinese apothecaries as part of its décor. This unique vibe dining restaurant sees dishes specially curated by Michelin-starred Hong Kong chef Alvin Leung. 

fuhu walkway

As you walk in you will notice a beautifully illustrated tiger on the wall, and a cherry blossom tree right in the middle of the bar amongst other art work. Without a doubt, when in FuHu, Instagram lovers will adore the amount of pictures they can take and also enjoy the experience there as well.

fuhu restaurant and bar interior

The restaurant prides itself with an array of signature dishes one of which being the Boston Lobster Noodle with ginger and scallions. The lobster cooked in FuHu is similar to those found at Chinese wedding banquets. Key ingredients in this mouthwatering dish is ginger, Shaoxing wine, soy sauce, and scallions to name a few. The lobster is served atop of the yee mein noodles, with its gravy enveloping the lobster and noodles, giving it that rich velvety texture. When you are served this dish, the first thing you would notice is the aromatic fragrance from both the ginger, shaoxing wine, and scallions, and upon having the first bite you will get that gingery taste with hints of tangy and herbal to it.

Apart from having this slightly sweet and chewy lobster, you can also try other favourites on the menu such as The Generals Fried Chicken, Aromatic Crispy Duck, and Granny Tofu.

fuhu lobster noodles

FuHu can be found at Level G, SkyAvenue with the following operation hours:

Monday to Friday: 6pm-1am

Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday- 12pm-1am


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