Treats for the Sweet Tooth in You

When it comes to desserts many can’t say no to which brings us to the ultimate question and it safe to say a third world problem - where to eat? An endless question that will have you going in circles. So here is a specially curated dessert and snack guide for your post meal or even pre meal in SkyAvenue. With over 50 outlets to choose from, here is our top four go to.

Eight Ounce Coffee

The Eight Ounce Coffee was established about half a decade ago and is a popular joint with numerous outlets all over Kuala Lumpur and one in Genting. Owned by Tan Boon Wy, this place knows how to keep their customers coming back with its addictive coffee, delicious cakes, and pastries. They pride themselves on their high quality ingredients as many of their customers are health conscious. Here are the top 3 must tries when one is at Eight Ounce Coffee.

eight ounce coffee

Burnt Cheese Cake


Not your average burnt cheesecake this perfect texture fluffy cake is known for its distinct taste thanks to its ginger infused flavouring. The ginger juice used is freshly made in the in-house kitchen for each cake batch. Not overly sweet with a solid base and smooth top this burnt cheesecake hits all the right notes. 

Orange Flavoured Chocolate Tart

chocolate orange tart

Orange and chocolate generally go well so it is no surprise that this union is no exception. The orange flavoured chocolate tart comes in a fresh sugar dough shell tart, the outside layer is chewy and does not crumble easily. To us this is good as you don’t want the tart to fall apart. The orange taste does not overpower the chocolate tart but in fact it complements it. And for those worried about their sugar intake, this tart is harmless! It is topped off with crushed peanuts, quite a chocolate beauty indeed.

Egg drop by Rise and Shine, Tapestry


This item is from the Tapestry menu, which is also under Eight Ounce Coffee owned by Tan Boon Wy. This upscale picturesque cafe can be found in Kuala Lumpur with items such as this eggy temptation is also available on the Eight Ounce Coffee menu. Bet the name itself has one wondering what is going on with this egg dish, the answer is simple upon eating this itsy bitsy looking sandwich the egg in the middle will fall out, literally causing your egg to drop. Of course that is not the highlight, the sandwich features cheddar cheese, soft scrambled free range kampung eggs, caramelized onions, sirachi and aioli sauce! What seals the deal is in the middle of the well cooked egg there is a sarsi-glazed beef bacon, and no the bacon is not sweet. In fact the combination of the sirachi sauce along with the sarsi-glazed beef bacon gives you that little spicy kick with hints of sweetness on your palate. A definite taste to remember.

Dream Colour

dream colour

Interested in a magical concoction? Hailing from Taiwan, Dream Colour is all about fresh fruit juices that not only taste good but are also Instagram worthy. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, this layered juices and tea are perfect to have either before or after a light meal. The drinks are inspired by the North Pole’s Aurora lights and in Taiwan it is known as Dream Cool. The items on the menu in Taiwan and here are not identical but is catered based on the local’s palate. The use of Butterfly pea flowers are in abundance in their teas and juices.

Top sellers would be the Twilight, Dreamy Dragon and Hawaii.




The Twilight is popular among customers and consist of Butterfly Pea Flower, kumquat lemon, and strawberry. The former is known for its antioxidants and it is said to be good for hair and eyes when taken frequently. The dry flowers are usually soaked minimum for a night before being used in the drink. Upon shaking the bottle the flavours and colours will mix, and due to the sour notes from the lemon the drink turns purple! Now that’s science, specifically PH level in the drink. Taste notes are a little sour with a hint of sweetness as you continue drinking the juice. If you feel like cleansing your palate then this would be great!

Dreamy Dragon


Dragon fruit, guava, and mango is all it takes to have you finishing every last drop and wanting more. This combination is definitely sweeter than the Twilight with minimal sour notes. With a strict ratio for each series, the fruits used are directly from their supplier in Kuala Lumpur hence guaranteeing complete dreamy dragon freshness.



This thirst-quencher is made of orange, passionfruit, and mango, the colour seen is nothing short of beautiful with different shades of orange yellow tones to it. Its sweet but not the kind that would make you feel nauseous after. In fact the sweetness is solely from the fruits blended itself.

Here’s a tip before shaking the drinks do ensure you have already taken a picture of your magical drink on the little light on the counter where the drinks are usually placed to take pictures as the light shines from below giving the drink an all new hue to it. 

Lol Soon Kee

lsk shop


Despite recently being established, this Chinese dessert shop in Resorts World Genting is the second branch with the first being in Setapak. Gaining popularity, this dessert place is catered for those who want something healthy and traditional as many older generation Asians would be familiar with this. Both Lol Soon Kee and Dream Colour are under the same company which is Rainbow Dreams. Their popular go to items on the menu is as follows – sesame soup, Grand Champion, and Korean pair with peach gum.


Sesame Soup


The sesame soup is a bowl of goodness loved by the older folks and comes in three different flavours from sesame to peanut and walnut. In order to achieve the texture and taste the sesame soup has, it goes through three essential steps which are bake, grind, and cook. What happens is the Lol Soon Kee headquarters helps precook the sesame before sending it over. If you naturally love the taste of sesame then you are bound to like this, however for those who are not sesame fans may take some getting used to as it can be rather overpowering. Then again very subjective.

Grand Champion


This right here is indeed a champion, having some of the most loved ingredients in its dish such as red bean, black glutinous, sago, sweet potato, yam, and coconut milk it is no surprise why many keep coming back for more. When you dig into this the first thing that comes to mind is the famous “bubur cha-cha”, similar to that Malaysian/Singaporean dessert taste notes wise.   The sweetness tasted in the Grand Champion is from the ingredients itself used, and as for texture it is nice and smooth with a little chewy bits here and there such as the sweet potato and yam.

 Korean Pear With Peach Gum


winner closeup

A stew like dessert, this will have you reminiscing of the famous Chinese lotus seed dessert fondly known as Leng Chee Kang. It takes approximately 2 hours to cook this after which it is refrigerated. Key ingredients includes red dates, goji berry, longan fruit, white fungus, peach resin, and not to forget the big juicy Korean pear right in the middle. The overall sweetness of this particular item depends on the batch of pears brought in, Lol Soon Kee usually restock the pears based on demand which is rather frequent. This would be the perfect thirst quencher to keep your body cool.

Street Churros




This item is a signature dessert on both the Korean and Malaysian menu, with flavours such as cinnamon, chocolate and honey barbecue. Many tend to stick with the classic cinnamon coating. The texture of the churros is crunchy yet tender on the inside and having it coated with cinnamon really seals the deal. It comes in the alphabet U shape.

Chocolate Filling Churros

What is cold on the inside and hot on the outside? The answer would be chocolate filling churros. You can also opt for other filling such as chocolate, strawberry, and cream cheese.  The chocolate filling has the perfect texture of creamy to it without it oozing out of churros completely.  

Churro Fries with Nacho Cheese


 A match made in heaven, well dessert heaven at least, everybody loves fries and cheese and throwing in churro fries with nacho cheese you have an unforgettable combination. The churro fries comes with different toppings, such as nacho, cheddar cheese, and hot chili. All of which can be easily paired with the churro fries. The churro fries with nacho cheese sees the fries drenched in nachos sauce with a wee bit of mayonnaise and lots of dry parsley leaves atop. It is a lighter this compared to wedges and cheesy sauce as the churros are not only light but crunchy too as compared to potato cuts. 



A Spanish dessert that has stolen the heart of many here in Malaysia is a must have on our dessert list. There are up to 44 outlets in total across the states, so there is no short supply when it comes to Llaollao. A froyo treat that sees countless toppings and fruits to choose from. There are various options on the menu such as tub, petitllao, llaoglass, sensation, sensation plus, sanum, and smoothie to name a few. Among them these are the three bestsellers- Mango smoothie plus, Sanum, and medium tub.

Mango Smoothie Plus


Mango fans can indulge in this super rich and healthy smoothie. Key ingredients include mangoes, frozen yoghurt, yoghurt mix, fresh blended mangoes and mango syrup. One thing you would notice as you dig into this smoothie is how smooth it is on the top as skimmed milk is added in the blend giving it that perfect texture. For those concern about the sweetness can opt to share it with a friend as the portion is big. 



Quite the sight to behold, the Sanum features various layers packed to the brim, with the base being the frozen yoghurt, followed by fruits of your choice- these can be anything between mangoes to kiwi, strawberries, watermelon and pineapples, crunches of sorts such as muesli, granola, and Oreo balls, and topped with more yoghurt with their bestseller caramel biscuit sauce covering the top. The sauce complements the caramel biscuit crumbs below the yoghurt and as you continue scooping in you will find each ingredient blending well together and coated with the yoghurt. Be mindful though of how you scoop the insides as they can easily fall out due to it being filled right to the top.



Mother of chocolates well that and yoghurt too! This froyo is filled with three toppings, the likes of granola, chocolate crunch ball, and topped with hazelnut sauce dubbed Choco Rock! For those who love the Italian chocolate Ferrero Rocher will come to find this item to be their new favourite with similar taste notes. Talk about balance, this is ideal for a cheat day with the healthy part being the frozen yoghurt whilst the chocolate is you allowing yourself to be a little naughty with your diet.


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