Ed’s Diner now open at Resorts World Genting


Fancy having a frosty milkshake topped with a swirl of whipped cream and appetizers to share, including nachos, BBQ chicken wings, and fries smothered with a variety of toppings? If the answer is yes then Ed's Diner is the place to do so.  Among the main meals are the diner’s famous burgers, served in their signature brioche bun, chicken tenders, foot long sausages, chicken and waffles, and other menu items diners would have heard ordered in the movies. There are also single flavor shakes of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint, salted caramel and banana, if you are feeling extra indulgent Ed’s Diner also offers deluxe shakes in Oreo, Nutella and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.







Upon walking into Ed's Diner one would feel as if they were in an olden day film such as John Travolta's classic movie, Grease. Think poodle skirts, bobby socks and white tees under black biker jackets vibe with neon signs in the windows, black and white floor tiles, glossy red booths and shiny chrome-accented soda fountain stools.

The American retro-concept eatery from the United Kingdom is officially open in Resorts World Genting. The Diner has operated in Britain since 1987, with over 15 diners across the United Kingdom, and is appreciated especially for its focus on great American music. Each diner is fitted out with jukeboxes loaded with hit music from iconic, chart-topping American acts, focusing on the classic sounds of the fifties, sixties and seventies. This concept certainly complements its F&B offerings of American diner fare.  

According to Dato’ Edward Holloway, Executive Vice President, Leisure & Hospitality of Resorts World Genting, the appeal of good food and music is relevant across all cultures and ages. “Ed’s Diner combines two great leisure combinations, food and music. Both are best enjoyed socially, making Ed’s Diner a perfect concept for Resorts World Genting. Innovation and the delivering of positive new experiences have always been important to Resorts World Genting, which is why we are constantly on the lookout for dining and entertainment concepts which will not only satisfy appetites developed after a long day of fun experiences, but also add to our visitors’ experiential quotient" said Dato' Edward Holloway.

 The Ed’s Diner in Resorts World Genting will be the first outlet out of the United Kingdom, as well as the first pork free diner. This move is to ensure that all Resorts World Genting visitors would have the opportunity to enjoy an Ed’s Diner experience.

In addition to the great food, Ed’s Diner in Resorts World Genting will feature a vintage Wurlitzer jukebox loaded with hits from James Brown, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Steppenwolf, Bruce Springsteen and Lenny Kravitz, whose music will set the mood for the diner. The jukebox – an authentic analogue machine, as opposed to the current replicas in production – might also be the first time many diners get to have a hands-on experience with selecting music from these iconic music machines. 

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