CNY In the Sky - The Peak of Lunar Pleasures

The Chinese Lunar New Year is a time where friends and family come together to enjoy the bounty of spring, and herald in a year of good luck and fortune. This camaraderie is best enjoyed around a table laden with delicious food with names connotating the wishes of the New Year season. This year, Resorts World Genting has pulled out all stops to offer meals for any and all types of dining parties. Need multiple tables for extended family? We’ve got that. A lavish meal for just a few key clients? Covered. A treat for just two? All settled.


The meal before the closing of businesses for the Lunar New Year has become somewhat of a tradition for companies. For a change of scene, consider one of the tempting set meals offered at selected Chinese restaurants in Resort World Genting from 2 to 23 January 2020. Genting Palace’s menus begin from RM128 nett per person, RM288 nett for two, or RM1,388 nett and RM 1,888.00 nett for ten. The RM1,388 nett set menu will feature a selection of dishes including Braised ten-head abalone with black mushrooms, steamed giant grouper fillet with garlic, and fried spareribs with Zhenjiang sauce.

The RM1,888.00 nett for a table of ten menu includes the Grand Happiness combination, steamed dragon tiger grouper, Mongolian-style baked pork belly and ribs, stewed fish maw with dried seafood and assorted mushrooms in claypot, and sautéed assam prawns.

Ming Ren’s menu for six costs RM688 nett, and will feature apple and jelly fish yee sang, crabmeat and baked fish maw bisque, sliced smoked duck with shichimi powder, steamed organic jade perch, stir-fried organic chicken with ginger and Chinese wine, tender lamb chunks braised with radish and bean paste sauce, braised assorted seafood with oyster sauce, and almond bean curd with peppermint.

The ten-per-table menu at Ming Ren, priced at RM1,088 nett will offer salmon yee sang, double-boiled dried seafood and mushroom soup, sliced smoked duck with shichimi powder, steamed patin, spicy roasted chicken, lamb ribs grilled in traditional style, braised assorted seafood with oyster sauce, and wild ginseng jelly with aloe vera.

Imperial Rama’s set menu for a table of ten is priced at RM1,888 nett, featuring salmon yee sang with mango, double-boiled abalone with dried seafood soup, steamed river Rambang fish with superior soya sauce, baby Chinese cabbage with dried shrimp in superior stock, prosperity braised abalone with pork shoulder noodles, and lemon grass jelly.


The buffet options are a stellar option for a more casual Chinese New Year meal, with Coffee Terrace offering buffet dinner on 24 January 2020, and lunch and dinner on 25 and 26 January 2020. The buffet lunch is priced at RM58 nett for adults, and RM29 nett for children, while dinner is RM98 nett and RM49 nett for adults and children respectively. Children below 12 years old eat free with two paying adults.  

Coffee Terrace is also famed for its action stalls, and local and Chinese section, with further food varieties from the Western, Japanese and Western Asian section. Another buffet option is Food Factory, located on Level 3, First World Plaza, which will be buffet lunch and dinner from 25 January to 2 February 2020, priced at RM40 nett (adult) and RM20.00 nett (child) for lunch, and RM50 nett (adult) and RM25 nett (child) for dinner.  Food Factory’s buffet line will offer a variety of Chinese New Year fare, as well as a Western and Asian counter.

Rajawali Coffee House, Lobby Floor, Resorts World Awana will also offer buffet dinner on 24 January 2020 (RM74 nett, adults, RM37 nett, children), and buffet lunch and dinner on 25 and 26 January 2020. Buffet lunch is priced at RM53 nett (adults) and RM26.50 nett (children). Expect a wide variety of Chinese cuisine and specialties from the cold kitchen, Chinese and Western section and action stalls at the buffet.


Most Chinese restaurants will offer Chinese New Year menus for reunion dinner on 24 January 2020, and exclusive Chinese New Year lunch and dinner menus from 25 January to 8 February 2020. Genting Palace is offering menus from RM599 nett for four, and RM888 nett for six. There are RM1,388 nett, RM1,888 nett, RM2,888 nett, RM3,888 nett and RM8,888 nett for tables of ten, with a limited ala carte menu available. For more ala carte choices, Seasons is a diner’s best option, with festive fare such as claypot pork ribs with yam, steamed rice with assorted waxed meat in claypot, deep-fried Chinese New Year cake with Vietnam spring rolls, and double-boiled hasma with glutinous rice ball in soya milk.

Ming Ren will offer set menus for six (RM588 nett), or ten (RM988 nett) with specialties such as yee sang and Macau-styled chicken soup. Good Friends Restaurant will offer a RM378 nett menu for four to five persons, and a RM728 nett menu for eight to ten persons, featuring salmon yee sang, mini abalone with mixed mushrooms, steamed seabass in bean sauce and vegetarian deluxe.

Imperial Rama’s menus for tables of ten are priced at RM1,888 nett, RM2,688 nett, and RM3,388 nett, featuring selections such as steamed wax meat in claypot, and yee sang. Imperial Rama will also be presenting a stunning line-up of Chinese New Year a’la carte dishes, including double-boiled sea cucumber soup with conch, Imperial Rama Three Combinations, Thai deep-fried crispy papaya salad, roasted sucking pig with glutinous rice, and abalone with dried treasures poon choy (RM1,888 with a one-day advance order).

Rajawali Coffee House, Awana Genting will offer an ala carte Chinese New Year menu, with selections such as salmon yee sang,  double-boiled coconut soup with black chicken (RM25), Bao Zhongbao chicken soup (RM20), fresh fish in an assortment of styles, tiger prawns, Sri Lankan Crab, Chinese pancake with spring onion (RM 22), Chinese Kam Heong fried rice with seafood (RM39) and seafood noodles (RM39).

Ming Ren 


Braise Assorted Seafood with Oyster Sauce


 "Ma Cao" Chicken with Superior Soup


Ming Ren

Steamed waxed meat rice in clay-pot


Stir-fried mixed vegetable with Macadamia Nut


Fish maw stuffed with seafood paste in brown sauce


Deep-fried crispy prawn ball


Genting Palace

Braise abalone and sea cucumber with black truffle in yellow sauce



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