A Taste of Japan


When one thinks of authentic Japanese cuisine their thoughts straight drifts to the legendary pork-free Tampopo restaurant. This understated restaurant has so much to offer when it comes to their menu as each dish sees specially imported ingredients from Japan used. Hailing from our neighbouring country, Tampopo has six successful restaurants in Singapore and had opened their first Malaysian Tampopo outlet in SkyAvenue followed by the second outlet in KLIA 2. 

Tampopo is no stranger on the scene as the restaurant had up to 200,000 people voting it as the best Japanese Restaurant in Singapore for the Asia One People’s Choice Awards 2016. So what gives to the success of this restaurant?

The Father of Tonkatsu- Takaaki Takagi who’s the Managing Director of Creative Food Concept Pte Ltd, has mastered the art of Tonkatsu and is the first to popularize it outside of Japan.

For those unsure what Tonkatsu is, this dish usually comes in a meat variation that uses specially formulated bread crumbs straight out of Tokyo that is fried to perfection and served with a side of rice, Japanese Worcestershire sauce, and vegetable salad.

Tampopo is known to many and is very much loved due to its authentic ingredients attained from Japan in their dishes. The Tampopo outlet here in Resorts World Genting has undergone refurbishment by replacing its cake counter with a sushi counter and also a new menu light box. As for their menu it is revamped with a couple of new items and it is as listed below.

From their assorted Hosomaki roll dubbed the Jewellery collection and their assorted sushi roll known as the Jackpot roll to their classic Udon and Soup which to most is the epitome of comfort food on a rainy day. 



With its smooth and chewy udon texture dubbed the “Creation of Art” it is no surprise that Japfood fans keep returning for more. The Udon is made in Yamaguchi and its soup base is conceived in Shizuoka.


Another bowl of comfort is their ramen, these “Hakata-style Ramen” noodles are straight out of Yokohama is served with a special chicken broth. For those who are up for a little challenge can opt for the spicy chicken katsu ramen as that is another crowd favourite. The flavourful soup and perfect textured noodles will have you smacking your lips for more. 



A Japanese meal is incomplete without servings of tempura seafood and vegetables. The light batter is usually made of soft wheat flour, egg yolk, baking soda or powder, starch, palm oil, and some spices. For the tempura items at Tampopo, the batter is flown in from Tokyo and with its imported palm oil that is less than 30% of sugar it results in a customized batter that comes in a golden hue upon frying.combokatsusetchickenebifishandegg


The chicken katsu on the other hand is made of special bread crumbs from Tokyo that absorbs 30% less oil compared to other kinds. Other items to try would be their bento boxes comprising of salmon, chicken Cha Shu Rice, and Ebi Fry.

For the Japanese it’s all about fresh ingredients that are imported to keep the dishes on the menu as authentic as possible, because each ingredient matters and does play a role in the final dish.

The best part about dinning at Tampopo, you can end your meal on a sweet note with its delicious desserts, the likes of ice cream sandwich filled with matcha and other flavours that come in heart shapes.


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